4 risks of taking penis enlargement pills, plus that natural method I used to go from 5.5 to "8".

Penis enlargement pills do not work. Period. It's a multi-billion-dollar annual industry that does virtually nothing, but transfers the money you make from your pocket to Schmucks who bind these worthless products. Not only are penis enlargement pills ineffective, but taking them is also very dangerous to your health.

Here are four main risks of taking penis enlargement pills:

1. They are not regulated by the FDA. There is no official capacity with any expertise in the investigation of these products to ensure that the inside content is safe for consumption. When you take penis enlargement pills, you rely on the type of people who put characters like "laughing bob" on television to keep your health and your best interests in mind. After all, these are the people who make these products and there is no supervision, no regulation, and no science. Not all the money they make goes into the development of quality products; It goes exactly to marketing to force content on more erratic men!

2. Some ingredients are thought to be harmful. Many penis enlargement pills contain a herb called Yohimbe Bark Extract. This drug is intended to increase arousal and desire and to promote greater blood flow to the penis (which, by the way, does not permanently increase your size). However, it has also been linked to hypertension and, in extreme cases, heart attack and stroke. If your blood pressure is beyond the normal range, it is more dangerous to take an herb.

3. Some of these tablets contain steroid-like compounds. The best-selling penis enlargement pill on the market, marketed by a renowned Super Bowl-winning former NFL coach, has two substances known as DHEA and pregnolone. Although technically legal for overuse, these substances are classified as steroids by almost all athletic regulatory bodies. They are the precursors of the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen, though in a young man's body they are more likely to be transformed later – not good! If you play any kind of sport where you test for steroids, such as using male enhancement supplements this can give you a positive reading!

Manufacturer. Manufacturers are prescribing prescription drugs in some of these tablets. Many growth pills are known as "all natural", but unknown to naive consumers, they are combined with compounds like tadalafil and sildenafil, the active ingredients of the prescription erectile dysfunction drug cialis and viagra. Men who take these laced pills have a firm upbringing, obviously, who they think the pills are working on. But like viagra, it's only temporary and it's not really increasing the size of their penis. Also, taking prescription medications without a prescription is very dangerous to your health. You must first talk to a doctor who will determine if you are a good candidate for these drugs.

Bonus: Natural Method I used to go from 5.5 to "8"!

I don't use pills to make my penis bigger. In fact, I use nothing more than my own two hands. The main technique I used was a method called hand traction. All I did was warm my penis for about five minutes with warm clothes, then once it was plump and soft, I used my hands to traction it in different directions, giving the suspensory ligaments a full pull and increasing capacity. This is Corpora cavernosa. The first benefit I got from doing this, was that once I got ahead for development, I started incorporating more advanced techniques like jelking, Ulysses and edges. Who needs bullets when people like me use our hands to go from 5.5 inches to 8 inches in a row!

Source by Sebastian Royal

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