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altawhite-frenchUntil very recently, dentists would have performed most teeth whitening processes. Not any longer, this skill is easily learned and if you wish to do so, you could start your own teeth whitening business. Many people have their teeth cleaned regularly and it is a straight forward process. Altra White French is an undisputed market leader in all teeth whitening products and accessories.

The easiest cosmetic process

Among cosmetic processes, teeth whitening are the simplest procedure and are easily mastered. It is important to use high-quality products. The whitening agent could be a hydrogen peroxide gel or a non-peroxide teeth whitening gel combined with a whitening accelerator. Your perfect accelerator would be a high quality LED lamp giving out a blue light, preferably with a wavelength of four hundred and sixty five nanometers; this would be perfect for speeding up the reaction of the hydrogen peroxide and will result in a speedy whitening process. Teeth whitening are a very elementary process, wherein the teeth are covered with a thin layer of Hydrogen peroxide where after your blue light is beamed onto the teeth for fifteen to twenty minutes. Often up to three consecutive treatments are necessary during the same consultation, but a fourth or even fifth treatment gives even better results.

How much whiter will teeth be?

Naturally, before people spend their hard-earned money they want to obtain an indication of what results they may reasonably expect with the treatment. Although this teeth whitening process will make teeth whiter, visibly whiter, there are however a variety of factors that will determine the final result, like how stained were the teeth before the treatment, what maltreatment caused the staining, how susceptible are the patients teeth to peroxide and naturally how many times the teeth will be treated. Then there are different treatment methods; carbamide versus hydrogen peroxide gel, even the amount that will be applied and the specific system used will play a role. Generally a very high percentage of people are very impressed with the results, the statics are close to a hundred percent rate. There are some teeth that simply cannot be whitened, teeth that were stained by fluorosis or antibiotic, but such symptoms are generally recognized, and patients are made aware of the implications and possible solutions. Altra White French is the trusted name in teeth whitening equipment and accessories, give your business a head start and buy the best.

The gel is vital

Different practitioners throughout the industry use various types of lights, but it is the gel that really makes the difference. Among the different types, Hydrogen peroxide is the best teeth-whitening agent, since it does the job better than carbamide peroxide. A hydrogen peroxide rating of sixteen percent is the strongest teeth bleaching gel that can be safely used without a gingival barrier. Although this gel is so effective, it must not be used with a mouth tray since severe gum irritation can be caused when this gel makes contact with the gums.

There is however, a way to avoid gum irritation and that is by using a special teeth-whitening system. There are teeth whitening kits available with a hydrogen peroxide rating of thirty five percent, but such a system includes a gingival barrier and desensitizing gel.

Choose an effective lamp

Make sure you buy your light from a reputable supplier, since those lamps mostly only differ in price or design, therefore once the quality is properly ascertained, it is really up to you how your lamp should look. Do not ever compromise on the quality of the light source; make sure it is within the parameters needed to agitate the whitening gel. It has to be a genuine LED teeth-whitening lamp that gives off a cold blue light. It is amazing how easy the technique is to master and once learned it could be the beginning of a very profitable business, since all the techniques needed, are simple and easily mastered. It is a business that needs only a minimal cash input, but the profit could be very lucrative.

Choosing your product

There are many medical manufacturers around today but Altra White French have the expertise and the products to ensure success from beginning to end, when your products are the best, there is no reason why the results should be the best also.

About us

Altra White French was established to meet the rising and frequently altering demand for teeth whitening cosmetic products. Our laboratory, specifically meets the health and hygiene criteria necessary for hundred percent French productions by the applicable authorities. Altra White French is one of the first French producers to present an entire variety of teeth whitening products with select techniques and formulas, like natural sodium bicarbonate gel, sodium perborate, and peroxide gel specifically designed to meet the standards demanded by the industry. Altra White French has a laboratory that produces an extended range of teeth whitening products that is more than sufficient to meet the industries needs. As could be expected, our laboratory is using cutting-edge equipment, which naturally yields a high daily production capacity. Altra White French is a global leader in the production of all required teeth whitening equipment and accessories. Our goal is to provide teeth whitening professionals with the vital tools necessary to provide an excellent and satisfactory service. We are a company that are serious about the products we produce, which is why extensive research has been conducted to ensure our products are on par with the best available on the market and that our products are easy to use and effective.


Ultra White French are one of the most effective products around and are generally significantly cheaper than the closest opposition. Various users report excellent results even while smoking or drinking lots of coffee, mere brushing is unable to remove ingrained stains, but the special formula of Ultra White French works miracles on those touch stains, often removing years of stain build up in remarkable short time periods. Most people when hearing about the product and its remarkable results are immediately skeptical, since most of them heard the saying, if something sounds too good to be true, it often is too good to be true. Those doubts are quickly replaced with confidence once the products extreme effectiveness is experienced firsthand. Do not let that happen to you, do research on the web and see how many satisfied customers are out there, and do not delay any further, since you will see the product is everything it claims to be and infinitely more.

Many people opt for the weaker solutions of eight percent carbamide peroxide, but when they find Ultra White French and it’s sixteen percent hydrogen peroxide solutions they are amazed when they discover what this potent product can accomplish, and more so when Ultra White French is often cheaper than the weaker product, even though it is twice as effective. People who have ordered this product over the internet often receive the product in three days. This means treatment can commence almost immediately and the phenomenal results experienced firsthand. For many of the users of Ultra White French remarks and compliments about the whiteness of their teeth is as common as eating. Wherever they go, complete strangers give them compliments and in some cases, some are bold enough to enquire how they get their teeth so clean.


I was always conscious about my teeth, but for the last ten years since I have started using Altra White French, I have receive many compliments about the whiteness of my teeth. Lately I need very few treatments annually and although I smoke, my teeth remain white. Clara White.

I use your amazing product two times a week and my teeth always sparkle, even though I smoke, my teeth always retain their whiteness, and the product never lets me down. Occasionally my gums might get a little sensitive, I rinse my mouth, and the sensation fades. This product really work well, I often recommend it to friends who complain about smoke stained teeth. Debbie Smith.

I am by this time used to the fact that people make positive remarks about my teeth and I often recommend Altra White French, in fact, I even told my dentist my secret since he once said that I was one of his patients whose teeth he could never get whiter than they already are.

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