Staying young forever – Is that even a reality?

If we had the option, most of us would do away with old age! No one wants to lose their youth and the vitality that comes with it. But whenever the question of “staying young” pops up in your mind, it gets shrouded with several possibilities, debates, and controversies that most people don’t attempt it altogether. You must have wondered at those Facebook or Instagram posts of people in their mid 50’s, looking like 20’s something and wonder how it possible.   The truth is you can delay the aging…

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9 Tips to Support Your Spine and Take Care of It

Spine is an important part of human body. Hence, it is important to take care of it and maintain good posture to avoid any issues later. Here are some tips on taking better care of your spine and maintaining good posture: Invest in a Good Pillow Invest in a pillow that offers supports to the natural curve of your neck. Your pillow should complement your sleeping position. For instance, if you are a side sleeper, you need a thicker pillow. This will keep your neck and head positioned in the…

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Explore How Melatonin Levels Could Be Boosted Naturally for Better Sleep & Good Health

Melatonin is supposed to be an important hormone generated in actually the pineal gland present in your brain which is chiefly responsible for effectively regulating sleep cycles. Melatonin would be working together seamlessly with the circadian rhythm of your body.  Simply speaking, the circadian rhythm is supposed to be the internal clock in a human body. It helps to tell you when to go off to sleep, when to wake up, or even when to have your food. Melatonin is also, known to help in regulating blood pressure, body temperature,…

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What Are The Uses Of Thin Layer Chromatography in Biology?

Biologists often come across several compound mixtures, and the first query that strikes their minds are – what components lie in this mixture? Experts in the field do not use chemical assays to find the components in the mixture, and they resort to a simple process called the thin layer chromatography or TLC for the task. This procedure can separate all the components of the mixture with ease, and it also allows scientists to identify the compounds with Rf values and reagents in a short duration of time. Uses of…

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Know the Process of Saving Costs on Prescription Medicines

Nowadays, there are various types of diseases, problems, sleeping issues and many other disorders by which mostly all people are suffering. These types of problems and diseases affect health as well as the life of a person. So, to overcome and get rid of these problems one must take the help of a medical practitioner or a more experienced and reputed doctor. It is the best way to maintain the proper balance of the body while suffering from any disease or problems. Doctors or medical practitioner provides the best treatments…

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The Fundamentals of Stem Cell Therapy Unveiled

Stem cell therapy has created a niche for itself ever since its inception and for reasons good. It uses the own stem cells of the patient for repairing injuries and damaged tissues. The other reasons why it is used include treating ligament tears and tendon, increasing flexibility and motion and reducing joint pain. Stem Cell Defined Prior to delving deep into the advantages of stem cell therapy, it is vital to know what stem cells actually are. Stem cells are crucial for a living organism and for a couple of…

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