What is Insomnia? How can it affect your daily life?

Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder, in which the patient feels it hard to sleep or to stay asleep. Common symptoms that patient of Insomnia feels are; Problems in sleep Waking up in the night Waking up too early Tiredness during daytime Types of Insomnia There are various types of Insomnia. However, there are two major types of Insomnia, primary and secondary Insomnia. Primary Insomnia – Primary condition is a common type of Insomnia. In this condition, the person never experiences sleep problem due to other underlying health condition.  …

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Reasons for a Failed IVF Cycle

Having a failed IVF cycle can be a devastating experience when you have put all of your efforts in ensuring its success. However, IVF failure is quite normal but it is crucial to identify the reasons for such failure so you don’t have to undergo the same experience again. Women who had a failed IVF cycle experience mixed emotions of frustration, sadness, disappointment, and hopelessness. While it is normal to feel these emotions but it is important to hold yourself together and be stubborn in your pursuit of IVF. You…

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What is the Cost of Knee Replacement in India?

India is the country known for providing treatment at very affordable prices. If you talk about the Knee Replacement Cost in India, the cost of a single knee replacement range between USD 4,000to 6,000. If you want to undergo bi-lateral knee replacement, then the price may vary anywhere in between 8,000 to 12,000 dollars. The price of treatment cannot be fixed, but, it varies as per the personalised condition of the patient. The cost of knee replacement depends on various factors. Let us check each of them. Factors Affecting the…

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Healthy Food That We Can Eat During Fast

There are several types of fasting foods, and every diet has its own directions about what you should add in your diet and what should not. However many diets facilitate for a wide range of foods, half-done fasting diets might limit the type of food you’re permitted to eat or drink. In addition, in a dry fast, not through water is permitted; this is considered crucial for the entire fasts. Amaranth Grains and Flour A light khichdi can be cooked by making use of amaranth grains if you consume one…

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Swine Flu: Preventing H1N1 Virus

Swine flu virus typically causes respiratory infection in pigs. In 2009, a strain of swine flu virus, H1N1 virus, was isolated in humans. H1N1 causes respiratory infection in humans and is commonly referred to as swine flu. As this condition infected people around the globe, the World Health Organization declared it to be pandemic. Symptoms of Swine Flu Symptoms of this flu are similar to any other flu and include cold, cough, high-grade fever, body ache, joint pain, diarrhea, fatigue, and vomiting. Swine flu is a self-limiting disease in most…

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Crucial Things to Understand about Cashless Hospitalization

The concept of cashless hospitalization is still unclear to many policyholders of today. It is imperative to understand this feature for everyone can reap the proper benefits of cashless health insurance. A health insurance plan is a form of security and a stress reliever when it comes to not having to face any hurdles when you or your family member needs hospitalization. Many times it has happened that you get calls from your relatives giving you the bad news that one of your relatives got hospitalized and they need cash….

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