Is the whey protein needed?

From the friends who train personally with you, to the  fitness forums you find on the Internet, questions like these you always see: Is the whey protein needed? Will I gain more muscle if I buy protein supplements? How much whey protein should I consume per day? But … Did you know that these types of questions can NOT be answered in a generic way? That is, just because you heard that your friend – the one who is in better shape – takes protein supplements, does not mean you should ask him…

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5 Biggest Muscle Building Mistakes

Specifically, body composition is determined by 2 factors: Body fat Muscle mass Basically, the less body fat and muscle mass you have, the better your body composition . Ideally, although it is possible to burn body fat and gain muscle mass at the same time, this only occurs in certain situations , so it is better to be fluctuating between definition phases (fat loss) and volume (muscle gain). As Nassim Taleb says in his book “Anti fragile” ( recommended book ), in many occasions, to solve a problem, instead of…

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10 Muscle Recovery Tips for Optimum Performance

Muscle soreness recovery is an essential part of muscle growth and sports performance. When the body doesn’t undergo any kind of recovery, the immune system becomes weaker. This can then lead to a decrease in anabolic hormones and an increased risk of injury. The quicker you recover, the sooner you will lose body fat and be able to build more muscle. For optimum performance and results, proper recovery is crucial. Many athletes will end up exhausting their bodies in the gym for months. If you monitor the progression of such…

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Are you planning to start muscle building? What should you know about supplements?

You might have heard the names of a few muscle supplements your friends use and would have really wondered if they would help you gain muscles! But before we get to the details, you got to accept the fact that if you are planning to acquire fitness using sustainable methods, there aren’t any shortcuts to do the same. You got to be really enthusiastic in following your gym regime and taking up these supplements according to the advised schedule in order to reap the maximum benefits out of it. Before…

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Viallisis Testosterone Booster: Supplement for Male Enhancement….

                                                                                Viallisis Testosterone Booster:     Viallisis Testosterone Booster Review: It is a testosterone booster which is a whipping spit and picture that will keep up surge moxie and co home that is move in men. It will by a near token keep up shrunken exertion mass as impeccably as enable…

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TestX Core: Is It Legit or New Scam with Health???

                                                                         TestX Core:     TestX Core Review: TestX Core is a supplement that helps to promote higher levels of testosterone in the male body for better strength and virility. TestX Core purported to support the sex drive and muscle gains from workouts by encouraging the production of testosterone in the body. This is body’s own…

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