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The market is full of different diet pills and they claim that their pills are the best and you will lose weight immediately. With so many choices for which the right options are available, it can be daunting. World Class Nutrition has found that we believe there are five top diet pills out there. What we are looking for is a list of researched results, proven compounds, customer testimonials and effective ingredients. We have listed various diet pills from thermogenics, appetite suppressants and metabolism enhancers.

NV by NxCare

NxCare NV is the only weight loss pill that not only supports fast weight but also enhances your overall beauty. The main ingredients in NV Hoodia Gordonii and Green Tea Extract are optimal for weight loss. Callaghan and Biotin offer beautiful NV properties.

Curvelle by Isatori

Isatori Curvelle offers effective weight loss without reducing the stains associated with other diet pills. Curvelle is made specifically for women and naturally works with your body's ability to burn more energy. Antioxidants are a key ingredient in protecting the health of your cells because losing weight can increase stress in the body.

Xeliter XLR8 by Xyience

Xyience XLR8 is the premier fat loss product. Xeliter achieves the perfect balance of appetite control and boosting metabolism. The main advantage of Xelerate is that it supports proper thyroid function because weak thyroid is one of the major causes of overweight.


Calotrone is a very unique diet pill because it has no stimulants. The scientific mix supports the right amount of healthy amino acids and fats in your lean muscle tissue to burn more energy. Calotrone naturally turns your body into a fat burner machine. Calotrene is not equal today.

Hoodiatrol by Foundation Nutriceuticals

The Nutriceuticals Hoodiatrol Foundation is pure hoodia gordonii for optimal appetite control. With the popularity of hoodia, it is essential to make real hoodia gordonii that you can trust in Hoodiatrol. Hoodiatrol removes your desire to stop overeating and add fat to your body.

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