What is the Cost of Knee Replacement in India?

India is the country known for providing treatment at very affordable prices. If you talk about the Knee Replacement Cost in India, the cost of a single knee replacement range between USD 4,000to 6,000. If you want to undergo bi-lateral knee replacement, then the price may vary anywhere in between 8,000 to 12,000 dollars.

The price of treatment cannot be fixed, but, it varies as per the personalised condition of the patient. The cost of knee replacement depends on various factors. Let us check each of them.

Factors Affecting the Price of Knee Replacement in India:

You get to avail the most economical orthopaedic treatment in India if you consider the geographical diversification. But, within India too, a patient can expect the variation in the quote of surgery.

Some of the common factors that determine the cost of treatment are:

  • Tests and Diagnosis:

The first step to begin with the knee replacement is the screening of the knee joint. It is essential to determine the cause of knee disorder, location of the injury and wear and tear of the ligaments or joint. Apart from that, diagnosis is also essential to know if the overall health of the patient is fit to undergo surgery.

So, as per the medical conditions of a patient, the cost of tests can differ. For a person who does not suffer any of the diseases apart from the knee injury, the cost can be low and vice versa


  • Fees of Surgeons and Medical Team in the Hospital:

Every surgeon has their personalised quote to perform the surgery, and the same applies to the supporting medical time. Some of the experienced surgeons charge higher than those who are new to the field. While some professionals who give priority to the success of the surgery, more than money can put forward an affordable price for the patient. It is true for most of the best orthopaedic surgeons of India.


  • Charge of a Hospital Room:

There are different types of room in the hospital like ICU, operating rooms, luxury rooms, private rooms, semi-private wards, common or general rooms, and many more depending upon the infrastructure of the hospital. The price of each room is different. So, the cost inclusive of stay in the hospital can differ for every patient depending upon their choice.

  • Medical Condition of the Patient:

If the patient has some pre-existing health disorders or suffers from complications after the knee replacement, he will require extra care and an extended stay in the hospital. It can be either before the replacement or after that. However, in some instances, the surgeon might recommend a patient to stay for a longer time both before and after the surgery.


Final Words:

Even if you consider all the factors mentioned above that affect the cost of treatment, it is possible to avail the Best Knee Replacement in India at a price five times less than starting price of single knee replacement in the countries like the US, which is 49,000 dollars.

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