Detailed Guide: How to Choose Best Ro UV Water Purifier

With the water sources getting highly polluted, it is important to drink water post-purification. This does not only help us keep diseases away but also help maintain good health for the complete family.

Though the choice of the water filters depends on the kind of impurities that are present in the water being supplied to your home, the most common type used these days is the RO UV water purifier. The benefit of this combination is that it removes all the dissolved solids and successfully eliminates any microbial contaminants from the water. But, how do you know which is the best one for your home? The guide below should be able to help you:


  • The Capacity Matters


Depending on your family size, you would need to have a certain amount of water purified each day and if you have frequent power cuts, you would need a good amount of water to be purified and stored for use. This makes it important to be able to judge the capacity required. Water filters come in various capacities and sizes and you can choose the appropriate one among them.


  • Installation and Warranty


The best brands in the market offer installation free of cost along with a year’s warranty. The smaller companies charge extra for installation. Get the best offer from the manufacturer. Check all the details before you make the final purchase.


  • After-Sales Service


A water purifier will require regular servicing and maintenance. If you face a problem with the purifier, it would not be advisable to tinker with the equipment unless you are familiar with the parts and their working. Even in such a case, it is better to call their service personnel in order to not affect the warranty of the product. Make sure that the product comes with a warranty. Read reviews about the company and choose one, which is rated high on after-sales service.


  • Maintenance Cost


An important aspect to be considered when purchasing an RO UV water purifier is its maintenance cost. The purifier could require quarterly maintenance or more frequent than that if the usage is high. The maintenance cost of these could be on the higher side. Choose a well-known brand, which offers an annual maintenance contract at a reasonable price.


  • Customer Reviews


Before you make the final choice of the brand of water purifier, read about the product features and see if they match your expectations. Go through the customer reviews to understand if the product really is worth buying. Any product with a 4-star rating and above is good. Be careful to not fall for fake reviews that could be either great or downright terrible. It is best to go with the average rating reviews rather than getting swayed by the extremes.

Put your shortlisted brands through all these tests and choose the one that can pass with top ratings. This is the brand that you can rest assured that will do well for your household needs.