Easy Ways To Achieve Weight Loss

Yes, you work hard in the gym. And in the hectic work schedule for the day, you also come out on tops. You get exhausted.  When the time comes for dinner, you slip. Loads of chips, beer and fatty snacks. The weight loss never happens. Please note that diet is a important part of the weight loss program.

weight loss


Ask bodybuilding experts, and they say that the diet comes to 65 percent to have a perfect toned body.

7 Easy Ways To Achieve Weight Loss

Here we provide 7 easy ways to achieve weight loss. Let’s check it out.

  1. Set A Goal


Every bodybuilding expert stresses on the importance of mind. You need to set a timeline to lose the amount of fat you have. In fact, it is better to write down. Writing educates the elusive subconscious mind. Make your mind to not let the dirty mind rear its head in hotels and snack chat joints.

set a goal


Be practical. Do not get too harsh on yourself in the first week. Increase the reduction of binging day by day. Have you eaten a pizza because the work required you to skip dinner? Do a extra cardio the next day. Have determination, and write in your diary the feats you have achieved.


2. Drink Water


There are many articles about the importance of water to human survival. Yes, some are really true. You can go without food for weeks, but not without water. The reason, water is present in large quantity in the human body. Sixty percent. Which is the form of blood? Fluid. Every physiological process in the human body requires the need for water.

drinking water to lose weight


It becomes the more important to drink water, when you are training for fitness. With regular hydration and a surplus of drinking water, your body stays active for 24 hours. This is one of the easy ways to achieve weight loss without therapy.


Yet, there are some restrictions. Do not drink water after a meal. The digestion process has set in. Digestive juices can become weak if you drink water. Instead go for lime or other fruit juices. But in all situations, remember to drink at least five litres of water every day. Do not fall for the timeline, that you have to sip water every hour.


Please note, that the kidneys are the major organs which throw out waste such as uric acid in the form of urine. Human kidneys take at least an hour to process water. And if you load the body with water, the kidney can get overworked. It is not only a person who takes alcoholic drinks that may suffer from kidney problems. It is also those,  who drink water in enormous proportions. They do not suffer from thirst, but sipping water has become an addiction.


  1. Eat more meals a day than three


In India, you eat food three times. The first is the breakfast. The reason – because your stomach and body need the healthy ingredients. There is a ten-hour gap to fill. And then there is the lunch after six hours. And finally, the dinner before you go to bed.

Eat more times a day than three


But think the other way around. It is not what you eat, but the ways the food should get digested. It is necessary to keep the metabolism high to achieve weight loss. If you have joined the fitness training, it is mandatory to have small meals every three hours a day.


And please do not go for the fasting option to throw off the flab around the waist. In fact, the body will then start to store fat for emergency purposes. You start to gain weight. Ensure, in your meal, you eat protein to build muscles. Some amount of carbohydrate food is okay. Are you a bachelor living in a one-room BHK in an urban city? Then there are chances you eat food at the hotels. Yes, they taste nice, but do they contain healthy ingredients? In a similar situation, opt for vitamin tablets.


4. Join A Fitness Class


The best easy way to achieve weight loss in a short duration. If you have joined a good gym, then it is possible to avail a personal trainer. He/she can suggest the best ways to lose weight and achieve muscle fitness.

Join a fitness class


It is only during exercise, that the fat in the flab gets reduced. The reason, the physical activity enhances the metabolic rate. A personal trainer will keep track of your physical fitness and then motivate you to a higher goal.


Do you feel stressed about having little time so that you cannot go to the gym? Opt for a physical fitness trainer at home. Seek the services of the best home maintenance company in your town. Download their app, and place a request. The concerned fitness trainer will come to your home to offer the training at your convenient time.


5. Give Rest To Your Body


Even fitness trainers advice on giving the adequate rest to your body. The reason, the tendons near the muscles. They need to get rest so that the muscle cells can regroup and become stronger. Please note, your body needs more energy for the worked muscles.

give rest to your body


Even bodybuilders of international fame, stress on giving one-day complete rest from lifting weights or any kind of strenuous activity. On the specific day, the damaged cells get repaired.  You can have a strong and healthy body.


6. Figure Out The Energy Requirements


Yes, you may deem it lazy. But the calorie factor definitely matters. Especially if you are in the 18 to 30 group. You go to an office party. The energy in the atmosphere is high. You end up eating more fast food than intended. A regular analysis of your goal and knowledge of calories will put you in good stead. Your subconscious mind will make you say “no” even in difficult situations.

Energy Requirement


There is one advantage when you hire the services of a trainer. Along with suggestions of the best exercises, he/she can also suggest the proper diet as per the needs of your body.


7. Have Regular Interaction


Please note, your fitness journey does not end with the hiring of a fitness trainer. In fact, it starts. Your fitness trainer has knowledge of physical fitness. But it is your body. You can understand your body better than the trainer. So, in case you have diseases or a specific part of the body has suffered an injury, clarify with the trainer. He/she will then suggest the suitable fitness training sessions for you.


Due to non-availability of time, there are some fitness trainers who give a set of exercises for an entire week. They then change the session for the next week to a complete interactive one. You can also have two to fifteen-minute sessions to spice up the training.

easy ways to achieve weight los




So these are some of the simple easy ways to achieve weight loss in a short duration. Also, keep your mind free from negative jibes made by friends or relatives. Yes, it hurts the most. But the result is important. Show them you can shed off your unwanted weight to become the lean muscle mass you are. With a goal, best trainer and taking of natural food or artificial supplements you will hit the target. Bingo! All the best.

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