Facts About a Pituitary Tumour

As far as pituitary tumours are concerned abnormal growth take place in the pituitary gland. It is known to produce excess of hormones that goes on to disrupt normal functions of the body. In fact it could go on to disrupt other functions of the pituitary gland. At the same time a major chunk does occur to be non-cancerous in nature. In terms of treatment various approaches are suggested and this would mean removal of the tumour itself. You could go on to control and manage the hormones with a degree of medication. It would also be suggestive to make a wait and watch policy approach.

When it is a pituitary gland it might produce too much or less amount of hormones. This could go on to cause a lot of problem in your body. The large ones that are close to 1 cm and there are the smaller ones as well.  In fact the latter is known to put more pressure on the body. As with the normal case the symptoms tends to be weakness, headache or vomiting. There could be unexplained weight gain or loss at the same time.

There are some pituitary glands that are referred to as functioning hormones, are known to cause production of excess amount of hormones. It has to be understood that different types of functioning tumours may go on to exist in the pituitary gland with specific symptoms and signs. In some cases it could be a combination of them as well. In certain cases overproduction of the hormone prolactin could decrease the sex drive in both men and women. When excess levels of this hormone are found it can have an impact on men and women in a different way. In case of men it could be a complete loss of sex drive, whereas in case of women it could be lack of menstrual cycles. They are known to face the situation of irregular monthly cycles as well.

In case if you find that there does exist any symptom with this gland it is high time you get in touch with a doctor. They are in a much better position to figure out the exact symptoms of this case. You can go on to treat them in a proper way so that the hormone levels are normal and this takes a toll on the symptoms along with signs. The process could begin if you go on to meet your primary doctor. If he does feel the need of specialists he would recommend you to a neurosurgeon. They are more of specialists who goes on to deal with all issues of the endocrine system. The best hospital for pituatory tumour in India will ask you to come prepared with a following set of questions

  • What are the symptoms you are facing and how you are planning to over come them
  • Do prepare a list of all medications and this includes the supplements you are taking
  • All key personal information has to be written down.

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