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folliclerxThere is no uncertainty in the regular actuality that development of sound hair starts with the correct eating routine and sustenance. Fundamentally, the development of hair essentially includes an arrangement of a couple of fixings that aid the change of most terrible strands into a strong, polished, all the more full head of hair.The problem of hair fall begins with as we grow old. The hair uses to lose their shine, thickness, therefore, resulting in thin and brittle hair growth. While hormones positively assume a part, the key to thick, glistening, sparkling hair.  You can gain healthy and nourished hair by using Folliclerx.

Folliclerx is a hair fall rescue supplement which restores the natural growth of hair. It is an oral supplement which assists in the new growth of hair by reaching to scalp’s follicles. Hence, manufactured perfectly to solve your nasty hair issues by making use of herbal formulations which can seep into the roots of your scalp.

Folliclerx – At a Glance

Folliclerx is an advance “hair care formula” having herbal plants and extracts as its core ingredients. The formulation has all the qualities of a good hair care supplement ensuring a tangible hike in volume, strength, and growth of hair. The natural herbs automatically increase the thickness of hair follicle to give you healthy and bouncy hair by resolving your various scalp issues.

Composition of Folliclerx

The formulation of foliclerx contains the following mixings as the core ingredient –


Emerged from key marine sources, AminoMar is the best hair care ingredient which assists in effective hair growth. It simply involves the blend of all the natural nutrients that are required by the hair for perfect growth. The another feature of it leads to the healthy scalp by nourishing it which promotes the healthy hair growth.


Biotin is also known as vitamin B7, converts the food into energy. It is water- soluble. Biotin basically assists the roots of the scalp by making hair strong and healthy. By doing so, it prevents the hair fall problem by increasing the hair growth within 1-2 weeks.


L- Methionine(Amino Acid)  improves the circulation of blood which plays a significant role in penetration of new roots over the scalp. Strengthens the weaken hair follicles that are the primary sign of the beginning of hair fall problem.


Another form of amino acid that offers the productive hair growth without causing any side effect on the scalp.It enables to get rid of brittle hair simply by using the antioxidants properties of this substance, helps to multiply your hair growth into double. Apart from this, it also has a positive impact on skin too.

Ascorbic Acid

The main perspective of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is it thickens the hair by improving the circulation of blood by providing protection against free radicals and rebuilds the damaged capillaries (Nerves) for the perfect flow of the blood to the scalp. Also fights against dandruff, dry and rough scalp.

Procyanidin B-2

Procyanidin B-2 also referred as “Apple Extract” that increases the protein level into our body. It basically increases the hair diameter and density for productive hair growth by stopping hair fall. Thus, simulates the natural growth rate to get elongated and luminous hair.

Folliclerx hair supplement has a fine blend of all of the above mentioned natural ingredients. Such herbal ingredients rejuvenates the hair growth by unblocking the follicles of scalp to give you a healthy and high volume hair growth. Along with hair problems some of the ingredients also helps to cure pre- mature aging problems.

Folliclerx is Free From Fillers

The Folliclerx makes use of the natural components that do not have diverse effect onto the scalp. It is free from the following fixings that can affect your scalp badly.

Magnesium Stearate Free

Magnesium Stearate originated from magnesium is highly toxic for the human body. It can lead to several harmful diseases as it may involve harmful pesticide residues thus, leading to scalp irritation and more hair fall. It also affects other body parts too such as weakens the immune system of the body and poor digestion. Folliclerx  is totally free from magnesium stearate.

Titanium dioxide Free

Another harmful ingredient that can diversely affect your scalp. The usage of it can cause severe inflammation of hair follicle, irritation and rashes too. But you need not worry, Folliclerx is 100% free from such ingredients as our motive to promote healthy hair growth every time for the maximum satisfaction of our customer.

Gelatin Free

Gelatin probably has a worse effect on the stomach. It gives birth to the set of new stomach problems by disrupting the normal digestion process of human’s body. The problems caused are the upset stomach, bloating and burping and sometimes constant stomach aches too.

Keratin Free

The keratin contains formaldehyde which is highly dangerous for human health. The consumption of keratin can lead to scalp irritation, burning in eyes and throat, other skin sensitivity problems. Sometimes, keratin leads to hair problems, therefore giving a quick start to hair fall problem.

14 – day Folliclerx Free Trial Pack Available

We are availing a free trial of Folliclerx for a limited period. To order your free trial pack just visits our official site. Sign up for an account and you are all set to shop your free trial pack. Before ordering, keep in mind if you keep the product with you for more than 14 days you will be charged according to its actual price.

On the other side, if you attempt to return the product within the trial period, no further charges, subscriptions or obligations will be involved.

 Where to Shop Folliclerx

Well, you can shop for Folliclerx online only. To shop it today, visit our official website. Just visit there and place your order. The hair care formula will be delivered to you within 8 – 10 working days. In case, if you face any problem you can contact us by filling a query form available on our site.

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Folliclerx Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Folliclerx is a premium quality hair care oral supplement that leads to healthy, dandruff- free, thicker lofty growth. The hair care formula nourishes the scalp from the roots to increase the density and volume of hair. Also, the key fixings used are natural ones and does not contain any harmful element by ensuring healthy hair growth.

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