Your Gentle Touch: 4 Tips to Keep Your Hands Smooth and Soft

The hands are among the body parts which are most often used for many purposes. It’s possible, but it’s undeniably hard to function without those hands and even when there’s something wrong with them. You use them to carry, hold and touch. You are the one who’s mostly in contact with your hands, your skin, your eyes, your hair and everything else. It’s important that you take good care of them.


Surely, it’s always best to have smooth and soft hands. The reason is not only for when other people hold your hands, but most especially, it’s for your own comfort. Having rough hands, especially the palm portion, is unpleasant. It feels uncomfortable and vexing too.


To keep your hands delightful to feel, touch and hold, below are 4 basic tips you must take a look at and remember. 



Lots of people do not like applying lotion to their skin because of its sticky feel. Especially when water gets on your skin with lotion, you can feel your hands become slidy and slimy. It’s like you have soap on your hands. Meanwhile, there are people who enjoy putting lotion on their skin because it makes them feel refreshed, or they just love the sweet scent! 


The main purpose of lotions is to smoothen the skin and make it supple. Aside from that, there are also more particular softening agents such as hand creams. Both function in hydrating the skin, making sure it’s always moisturized. Dead and dull skin flakes are eliminated. The underlying tissues are renewed to give you radiant skin. Aging skin with wrinkles can be seen in the hands as well. Lotions and creams can help a lot in hampering it and in giving you more youthful hands.



Besides creams and lotions, oils are also among the most common and most effective hand care products. There are many kinds of oil which you can use. You can bring them with you or place them in certain areas of your house where you will most likely need them such as the comfort room, the bedside and the kitchen sink. 


Some of these oils are coconut oil, olive oil and argan oil. Coconut oil can be applied for hand treatment and skin issue preventions. It helps restrain sagging and wrinkling.

New skin cells are also produced, causing longer lasting softness. Olive oil can be used not just in cooking but also in softening cuticles. Argan oil shields the skin from the sun’s free radicals. Skin pigmentation (hyperpigmentation) can be prevented. For a long time, this may even help prevent more harmful matters like skin cancer.



Hot water is said to be a good cleaning and sterilizing agent, however, for the skin, it can cause dryness if under too much exposure to heat. Your skin can also get inflamed and experience peeling. Its moisture and natural oils can be taken away. Infection can happen due to skin dryness too. That’s why it is recommended to use lukewarm water for washing the hands and the skin in general. 



Wearing rubber gloves when you are exposed to hazardous materials and chemicals does big things! Most cleaning products have harsh components, that why there could be itch, roughness or easily wounded skin areas.You just have to make sure that water and the liquid cleaners you use won’t get inside the gloves. 


On another note, you should also wear gloves if you are going to handle heavy and rough stuff like woods and metals which can lead to dry and coarse palms with blisters. You can avoid hand callus with gloves. 

Soft and smooth hands are not just beautiful to look at, but most especially very pleasant to feel. It also involves being healthy and hygienic.



Through informative write-ups, Nicole Ann Pore shares how significant it is to give high regard to the skin, not only for its beauty but most especially, for its health. She is a daytime writer for Geniale Skin Cancer Clinic, a cosmetic surgical and aesthetic centre in Australia that gives only brilliant experiences and results to its clients. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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