How to Get Rid of Dry Skin – 10 Tips

Nowadays, dry skin is a common skin problem caused by the lack of suitable amount of water, moisture. And it is seriously the worst! Dry skin is mainly caused by genetic imbalance (some people have dry skin from birth), environmental problem etc.

Though dry skin problem is a serious issue it is not unstoppable. Just like any other skin problems, there are some helpful tricks and tips to get rid of dry skin.

1.Drink more water :

Drinking water is the best treatment for dry skin. Now, most of the people are addicted to coffee, tea, beverages than water. It may cause the skin dryer. Experts suggest drinking at least eight glasses of water minimum to get rid of dry skin.

2.Protect Your skin :

We have to protect our skin from the sun and other environmental damage. Direct sun rays may harm to your skin and dry the skin too. So use sunblock and stay safe.

3.Try To Use Light warm water instead of hot water :

Warm water is very good for skin, especially on our face. It opens up pores of the skin and makes it easier to wash the face. But the water should not be hot. Hot water is very dangerous to the skin as it drys out our skin faster.

So we should have to use light warm water. So how we can identify the actual warmth. The water has to be fraction warmer than lukewarm. Lukewarm steam also helps in sinus type problems. But for this, It is better to use the best facial steamer for sinuses to make the lukewarm steam.

4.Moisturize when your skin is needed :

Moisturizing is very important for our skin. We know that lack of moisture is one of the main reason of dry skin. So try to use moisture in your face on a daily basis. It is very important to use moisturizer after washing your skin.

5.Don’t Take bath too often :

Some people take shower or bath more than once a day. Though it is not a problem for most of them, it may cause the problem to the dry skin patients. It is our advice to the dry skin patient not to bath more than once.And try to take short showers.

6.Do not use bar soap :

Excessive use of bar soap is very dangerous to the skin because it may have greater Ph level. So try to use the gentle handmade shop. Expert suggests using Dove in case you have dry skin. Some soap contains dangerous fragrance in soaps which is often harsh on the skin and cause irritation. Do not use soap in the face.

7.Always use the right cleansers :

Please choose your cleansers carefully and sincerely. Rough and cheap cleanser may harm your dry skin. You can take advice from your skin care doctor in choosing your cleansers.

8.Pick The Right Moisturizer :

We all know that all moisturizers are not perfect for dry skin. Natural moisturizer is best as it has no side effects and cheap. If you have enough budget please go for olive oil or coconut oil. Both the oil works perfectly as the moisturizer and work better than store brought moisturizer. Homemade lotion can be a great option.#

9.Eat fresh fruit and vegetables :

Fresh fruit and vegetables contain a lot of water which hydrate our body and help to get rid of dry skin. Especially tomato and watermelon are best for dry skin.

10.Use body scrub :

The natural body scrub is very good for dry skin. Just apply those to your skin and get the result.Bioderm rx can be a possible option to get rid of dry skin.

Final words :

These simple tips can help you to get rid of dry skin. So what are you waiting for? Start your skin care routine and please send us your updates. It will help us in updating the post.

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