GM's 7 Day Diet Plan: Vegetarian Edition

In fact, almost half of the population admit they are not physically satisfied. However, weight loss is not as difficult as many believe. The only thing that can be done is a willingness to commit a little effort on your part. OK, to be honest, it takes a lot of effort and dedication, but it's definitely worth it in the end.

We have a new special diet plan to help you lose weight and lose weight in the past 7 days! This diet plan is the best herbal diet to lose weight safely and effectively!

GM Vegetarian Diet

This vegetable version of the GM diet program includes vegetables, grains, fruits, and limited starches. In order to prepare the body for this diet, you must eliminate alcohol during the diet as well as a few days before the program begins. This is important because alcohol increases the water because it increases the level of uric acid and thus prevents the detoxification of the body.

Another important factor in GM's diet is drinking eight to 10 glasses of water daily. While the number of carbohydrates you normally consume is greatly reduced, water acts as your primary source of energy at this time. Not only does it speed up your metabolism, it also helps you eliminate those unwanted extra pounds.

For those who have already tried this plan, or plan to start working beyond the first seven days, it is advisable to rest for two to three days before resuming your diet. This will give your body time to adapt to a new level of food intake and help reduce any stress in your system.

first day:

Warning: It's the first day Always Hardest, so try to resist the temptations! Today you will only participate in fruits. With the exception of bananas, peaches, mango and grapes; you can eat any fruit at any amount you want. However, the most useful fruits include melon, strawberry, lime, pomegranate, apple and orange. You can only have 20 servings of fruit to date.

Day 2:

Instead of all fruits, today you can only consume only vegetables. However, you can eat as much as you like. Boiled, steamed, roasted and raw … anything but fried or stewed! Your second day should start with boiled potatoes or boiled potatoes and just a teaspoon of butter. It provides you with a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and energy for the day. However, after this, you can only eat vegetables.

Restrict yourself to just one potato today. If you want to add a little food to your dishes, simply add a basil or lettuce. Day 2 is basically a day without calories, however, it is rich in essential vitamins, nutrients and fiber! If you can survive Day 2, you definitely have what it takes to follow this diet!

Source by Mehreen Ali Arshad

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