Horse Health Tips – A Daily Workout Schedule for your Horse

It is essential to have a proper daily exercise routine for your horse too if you want to keep it healthy and active. The major benefits of a daily workout for your horse include, but noted limited to:


  • Maintain the endurance and stamina of the animal.
  • Improve heart and lungs function.
  • Improve muscle tone and strength.
  • Maintain a proper metabolism.
  • Increase the strength of tendons and ligament.
  • Ensure proper bone strength and growth.
  • Aid in proper digestion and also digestive tract motility.
  • Clear the laryngeal secretions.
  • Enhance the immune mechanism.
  • Prevent any behavioral problems caused by continuous confinement.
  • Keep the animal mentally alert to have better coordination and quick reflexes.


The daily workout has a crucial role to play in ensuring the physical and mental health of your horse as well as for the horse owners to have a healthy working relationship with the animal.


How to start?


If you are not properly exercising the horse daily, it is important first to check the physical condition of the horse and next to devise a proper exercise program. If the horse is too young or older, then it may not have much physical activity, and you may start with gradual exercise.


Primarily elements of a daily workout regime


  • Warm up: Warm is important in any exercise regime in order to reduce injuries. This consist of a gradual increase in the intensity of the movements and help the horse to relax mentally, increase oxygen delivery to muscles, help improve the ability to do aerobic workouts, and also help reduce the lactate build up.


  • Stretching exercises: Stretching workouts is ideal to avoid injury and also stimulate the nerve endings at the muscles, ligaments, and tendons which will enhance the brain function in terms of maintaining the body movements and posture. Experts suggest stretching and supplying exercises as these may help improve the circulation and relieve any pain, muscle spasm, and inflammation.


  • Exercise routine: The horses which are free to move around may benefits from hardly 15 to 20 minutes of exercise routine a day. The workouts can be planned accordingly to supplement their activities. However, horses which are stalled most of the time may require at least 30 minutes or more of workout daily. The ideal duration will be an hour to 1.5 hours daily with a fine mix of workouts for the entire body. Visit TVG to learn more.


  • Cool down period: After the workout, horses need to cool down gradually and be dried off if needed. It is also important to keep them in motion until body heat gets normalized.


It is ideal to get a veterinary specialist in order to check the current physical condition of your horse first and then devise an ideal workout plan. There are many specialized programs for racing horses also now, which you may participate to have a more vigorous and goal-oriented exercise plan for your horse. Along with the exercise regime, it is also important to stick to the proper diet and nutritional needs of the animal too in order to ensure the best outcome.


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