How to Lose Weight With Pure Green Coffee Pills – Latest Revolutionary New Diet

Green coffee bean extract is the newest supplement used in the weight loss market recently shown at a number of popular medical shows in the United States.

Why green coffee beans?

When coffee beans are selected, they are naturally green. They are then roasted to give the characteristic flavor of coffee, changing color, odor and taste when spreading and baking below 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The problem with cooking beans – when used as a coffee supplement as a dietary supplement – is that 90% of the chlorogenic acid in the beans is lost.

Chlorogenic acid is what gives the bean its fat-burning ability and without or much less chlorogenic acid, so it means that it is useful because of its weight loss supplementation.

How exactly does chlorogenic acid work?

Works on 3 fronts:

1. Boosts metabolism by inhibiting the release of glucose into the blood

2. Limit the amount of glucose absorbed after a meal

3. Eliminates the storage of excess fat in the liver

However, if desired, if consumed in a pleasant way, chlorogenic acid is very potent, which is why the latest green bean diet pills only contain 50%.

In a new study conducted by the American Chemical Society in San Diego, clinically tested, those who consumed a high concentration of green coffee bean extract lost an average of 22 pounds over 22 weeks. , Without any extra exercise or diet changes.

This is approximately 10% of the total body weight of the participants.

The Latest Essential Ingredients for Green Weight Loss Tablets

The newest of these supplements include another combination of the following:

Myraxis Bayberry – Myricetin Shell Extract:

It is a bioflavonoid found in fruits, especially berries and vegetables, and is called this special bioflavonoid called Myricetin. Myricetin works with Quercitin to reduce adipose tissue growth and transfer glucose to fat stores.

Sophora Japonica – Quercitin Flower Extract:

Quercitin, which is abundant in apples, helps you restrict fats in adipose tissue cells and stop them from committing apoptosis – death by suicide.

It also stops excess fat cells from getting the materials needed to produce and store more fat molecules.

Chloraxis Green Bean Extract – 50% Chlorogenic Acid:

As mentioned, chlorogenic acid:

1. Increases your liver's metabolic rate

2. Inhibition of glucose release into the bloodstream.

3. Limit the amount of glucose absorbed in the body when eating.

Source by Richard R Michaels

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