Kettlebell Exercises – A Weight Loss Exercise

The kettlebell is an early piece of training equipment. It's a cannon ball with a handle, simple and simple. There are a variety of weights and sizes to choose from, and even with the increasing popularity of kettlebell exercises in Southern California, there are even a few "rubber" colored kettles.

But what are kettlebell exercises for? It starts with strength training and weight loss. Kettlebell training includes fluid movement, strenuous exercises to work with the core, waist, lower body and shoulder muscles. This combination of endurance is a cardiovascular exercise with the power of strength training. It requires concentration and control of the body. Kettlebell training can be a valuable exercise for weight loss and strength, but not for the casual stadium resident. Below are three basic kettlebell exercises to get you started.


Every activity has a fundamental movement. Yoga beginner learns downward dog, lion dancer learns single step, learns right boxer, and kettle bowler teaches swing.

Lower your body to the squat position: feet across the shoulder, weight on the heels, back of the shoulders, kettle between the legs.

Grab the kettle with both hands. Lift your hips upwards as you push your hips out. Use your core to rotate the kettlebell up and down. Get help with your lower body and shoulders, but do not use the arms or rely on the shoulder force to rotate the kettle. Legs and hips are the driving force.

Once the kettlebell reaches your olive, you can now actively use your shoulders to bring the kettle back to its original state.

Clean and press

Once completed, this is the next kettlebell exercise to master. Ideal for weight loss exercises, "clean and press" starts with a basic swing, but when you bring the kettle to your shoulder, you become the press.

Start with a basic swing, but keep your elbows firm when lifting the kettle.

Once the kettle reaches the shoulder height, go to the half squat again. Lower your elbows below the boiler.

Now press the kettle pot on your shoulder, go upstairs and finish with the kettle raised above your head.

Lower the kettle pot slowly and return to squat.

Get up Turkish

This kettlebell exercise is for advanced boiler kettles. This is basically a complicated way to stand. But it benefits from a wider range of muscles than weight loss training, but it is certainly also attractive to kettlebell exercises.

Lie on your back and lock the kettlebell directly with your left hand, elbow.

Raise yourself with your right hand. And pull your left foot towards your butt.

Plant your right knee on the ground. Follow with your left foot on the ground. You have to be in this mid-knee state.

Finally stand up. Keep in mind that your elbow should be locked for the entire workout and you should keep the whole workout on the kettle.

Mastering Turkish Turkish can take some time, but it can dramatically improve your weight loss training regimen.


Take a look at this article on the Kettlebell exercise for videos showing the correct ways for all of these kettlebell exercises.

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