Lifetime Factor by Dr. Joseph Maroon

In the 1930s, a scientist named Dr. Clive McKee discovered that he could make mice live a healthier, longer, and healthier diet by eating a healthy but low-calorie diet.

The experiment has been repeated with many other animals – giving them 50% less calories (while keeping their nutrition high) than their control groups that eat as much as they like. Animals not only have healthier lives but are still alive. They have less disease and more energy. They continue to play, and they continue to play sex for a long time after the control groups have become old-fashioned little ones and sit in rocking animal chairs.

Naturally, a complete birth-to-death test cannot be performed to see if these results are replicated with humans. Even if you can control people's diets, it can take over a hundred years.

However, there are some tests that show that people who are on a calorie restricted diet are healthier than people who are filling ourselves. Some people follow calorie-restricted diets, but obviously this is not popular.

What if there was a substance that people could use to maintain the same health and longevity beyond the calorie restriction – while they were eating as much as they wanted? It will be like our health and long life while still eating cake.

In 1991 many titles were published on the "French Paradox". The French people, on average, have less heart problems than the rest of us, though they eat 40 grams more fat, four times the butter, 60 percent cheese, and three times the pork. By all the standard nutritional standards of our time, the French have to die of a heart attack across the country, their arteries drowning in saturated fat. But they were not

Now we think this is explained by the French habit of drinking a lot of red wine. It turns out to contain a great deal of preservative, polyphenols found in various plants, but especially in red grapes.

And there is growing evidence that resveratrol shows our cells to stay young, the same calorie restriction.

Resveratrol appears to block cancer, increase memory, decrease fat cell size, boost energy and endurance, increase strength, turn ordinary muscle fibers into more slower exercise, reduce inflammation, protect our heart, protect viruses. Slows down, protects and blocks nerve cells. Free radical damage, increases the strength of the immune system.

This book outlines scientific research and its discovery – not only about rezeratrol (though it seems to be the most powerful), but also many other polyphenols, including quercetin (found in apples). Appendix A shows the diagram.

His diet tips are nothing new and nothing to brag about. However, the information about resveratrol, quercetin, and many others, found in vegetables and fruits, even dark chocolate, is exciting.

You can also get all the information you need to start taking resveratrol and other polyphenols as a supplement.

Source by Richard Stooker

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