Male Extra Review – What Results Can You Expect?


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I Used Male Extra For 60 Days And Created This Review To Talk About My Results.

I initially utilized Male Extra a couple of years prior. Results were great yet they have changed the recipe a couple of times from that point forward.

A year ago I put in another request. I needed to try out the new recipe and perceive how it looks at to the old one.

What Is Male Extra?



Male Extra is a Male Enhancement Supplement and it’s been offering on the web since 2009.

It’s delivered and sold by an organization called Wolfsonberg Limited

A portion of the cases made by the organization include:

 Bigger and Harder Erections

 Increased Sexual Performance

 Bigger Ejaculations and Intense Orgasms

How Does Male Extra Work For Bigger and Thicker Erections?

Male Extra contains a special mix of fixings that give sexual upgrade benefits.

A considerable lot of the fixings have a notoriety for boosting drive, stamina and blood stream.

I’ve included a full rundown of fixings underneath with a depiction of each.


L-Arginine is an amino corrosive that is found in nourishments, for example, Red Meat and Fish.

It works by expanding Nitric oxide levels in your body, which builds blood stream.

The outcome is greater, harder and all the more ground-breaking erections.

Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate Extract is an extract from the Pomegranate organic product.

This organic product is notable as “Natures Viagra”

It’s demonstrated to build blood stream and decrease tiredness amid physical exercise.

The final product is more stamina and more grounded erections


MSM is a mineral that is a natural type of Sulfur.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is fundamental for your cell and tissue wellbeing.

The outcome is better cell wellbeing and the capacity for your penis to hold more blood.


L-Methionine is an amino corrosive that diminishes the levels of Histamine in your body.

Large amounts of Histamine makes you climax substantially speedier.

L-Methionine brings down the levels of Histamine and encourages you last longer in bed.

The outcome is better stamina and control amid sex.


Zinc is a mineral that is fundamental for solid testosterone generation.

This mineral builds testosterone levels and sperm check.

The outcome is a higher sex drive, erection quality, and solid sperm.


Cordyceps is an interesting sort of mushroom that develops high up in the Himalayas.

Otherwise called Cordyceps Sinensis it expands oxygen in your blood.

The outcome is better blood stream, more grounded erections and more elevated amounts of stamina.


Niacin is a Vitamin that is otherwise called Vitamin B3.

Vitamin B3 enhances erectile brokenness and lessen exhaustion.

The outcome is better erections and larger amounts of vitality.

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Request Process, Payment + Shipping

On the Male Extra site, you can pick between the accompanying installment choices.

 PayPal

 Credit/Debit Card

I had no adjust in my Paypal account so I influenced installment with my charge to card.

After installment, I got arrange affirmation and afterward a finished request email.

A few days after the fact my request landed in a plain bundling.

You couldn’t tell that the bundle contained boo pills and I had no interesting looks from the postman.

Your PayPal or financial record will indicate “WOLFSONBERG”

My Results After Using Male Extra For 60 Days

As indicated by the back of the jug, you should take 3 male extra cases multi-day.

I generally take these kinds of supplements in the meantime every morning.

On the off chance that you miss days you won’t accomplish the best outcomes.

Month 1

Results came quick with Male Extra and I saw my charisma expanding in a primary couple of days.

Amid an initial couple of weeks by my erections beginning developing in the estimate. I likewise began awakening rock strong each morning

Month 2

Results were best amid weeks 4-8.

My erections estimate expanded and my penis began hanging greater when flabby.

My sex drive was high and my sexual execution was expanding quick.

Likewise, my better half and I had some incredible sex and she was exceptionally fulfilled without fail.

On the off chance that you take Male Extra for longer than 2 months the outcomes will be surprisingly better.

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 Proven Formula – The mix contains some great erection boosting fixings.

 Fast Acting Results – Male Extra begins working quick. You should begin the vibe the impacts in the initial couple of days.

 Powerful Results – When you take the containers consistently the outcomes are great.

 Live Chat Customer Support – You can talk with help utilizing the live visit include on the site.

 Money Back Guarantee – You recover a 60-day cash ensure on all requests.


 No Express Shipping – There was no choice for express delivering when I put in my request.

 Not Cheap – It’s not the least expensive supplement available but rather you get what you pay for.

Where Can You Buy Male Extra and How Much Does It Cost?

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Male Extra isn’t sold in stores.

You can just request coordinate from the official site.

When you arrange Male Extra you can look over 3 changed bundles.

1 Month Supply – You get 1 bottle with this bundle. Each jug contains 90 cases and goes on for 30 days. The cost of the container is $64.95.

4 Month Supply – You get 4 bottles with this arrangement. You pay for 3 bottles and get one free. You additionally get a free container of Erection Gel. The cost of this bundle is $197.95.

6 Month Supply – You get 6 bottles with this bundle. You pay for 4 bottles and get 2 free. You likewise get 2 free Erection Gels. The cost of this bundle is $249.90.

You additionally get free overall delivery and a 60-day unconditional promise on all requests.

Last Thoughts

Male Extra is outstanding amongst other male improvement supplements that I’ve tried up until this point.

The new recipe was twice comparable to the old one.

Results were quick and got significantly more exceptional amid month 2.

The more you take it the better the outcomes.

Male Extra is a decent alternative for folks searching for a quick acting supplement for greater erections that last.

You additionally get FREE overall transportation and a 60-day unconditional promise on all requests.


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