All That You Need to Know About Dental Implants

When a person does not have a tooth or for that matter some teeth, dentists generally suggest dental implants. Although in some situations alternatives are available such as partial dentures, dentures or bridges but none have the perks that dental implants offer. If you are thinking about why dental implants get highly recommended while treating broken or missing teeth over other options, then keep reading further.

Dental Implants-How it Works?

A dental implant comprises of a tiny, titanium screw which can act as a replacement for the missing tooth’s root portion. The screw will be placed correctly in the lower/upper jaw’s bone that offers the base for the replacement tooth. Relax, it is not so painful as it sounds. Dentists use sedation and anesthesia at the time of the treatment for limiting the discomfort of the patient to ensure they are comfortable as much as possible.

The Need for Dental Implants

A dental implant is just perfect for any person missing single or many teeth. In fact, the replacement teeth will feel and look like a natural tooth meaning that patients need to care for the same just as they do for a natural tooth including regular dental check-ups, flossing, and brushing. While getting the implants, the dentist will guide the patient with cleaning instructions to take proper care of it. It will last for a lifetime hence taking adequate care of it is crucial. To know more contact Rejuvenation Dentistry.

Myriads of Benefits

Take a look at the different benefits of undergoing dental implants,

  • Maintain Tooth Health and Bone Structure- Firstly, this is a healthy choice for the overall bone structure. The empty spaces within the mouth owing to missing teeth enables the bones to deteriorate gradually resulting in further health problems. A dental implant will maintain that space left via the missing or broken teeth thereby allowing the jaw to remain healthy and robust with age. Besides, it does not need any shaping or filling as it has its own stabilization system.


  • Does Not Demand Any Special Care- A dental implant is the closest thing which a person can get to natural, real teeth. It does not require being removed every night as it will not fall and will not need particular products to care for the same. All one needs to do is just brush and floss.


  • Long Lasting- Bridges typically needs replacement every 6-8 years resting on how well the patient takes care of it. A denture may require readjustments or replacement with age, but in case of a dental implant, it is long lasting provided it is taken proper care of thereby eliminating the requirement for additional expenses and repeat dental work time and again.


  • Enjoy All Foods- The best part about a dental implant is, it will neither fall out nor loosen when someone chews a crunchy or hard food in contrary to dentures that cannot sustain tough foods. Provided one takes proper care of their implants they can take pleasure of all their favorite food devoid of any interruption.


  • Speech Improvement- One may not realize the significance of their teeth with regards to being capable of speaking until it is missing. It is the teeth that do much more than merely chewing. Instead, it is the primary component people utilize for speech. They work together for creating hard sounds and offering the structure which the tongue requires for forming specific letters and sounds. If one or more teeth are missing, automatically the tongue will not have anything for working against for forming those letters and sounds anymore.


Dental implants as such assist with speech improvements. Dentures being fake teeth placed on the gums using minimal adhesive may fail to hold strongly enough for one’s tongue in working against them thereby resulting in a lisp while speaking or the person may not be capable of making words and sharp sounds at all. If the tongue has excessive strain against the teeth, it can result in the denture to slide off, but with dental implants, there is no such risk.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing- Often first impressions are created with a smile so displaying missing teeth indeed will create a wrong impression. People may think one does not care about their personal hygiene. In case of a business, the prospective partner is likely to think that should one be so careless regarding their personal hygiene how much will they care when it comes to a business venture? Besides, this can be a turn-off in case of prospective romantic partners too. Missing teeth essentially may appear unpleasant to look. Luckily, dental implants act as a savior. It can make a person’s smile aesthetically pleasing.


On the other hand, dentures may appear fake because the teeth get too perfectly aligned with the same color for all. The fake gums may make people uncomfortable. As a dental implant works to fusing the natural gums and jawbone with a set of teeth or handcrafted tooth, it will appear organic and more natural. Thus, when a person smiles, others will not realize that their tooth or teeth s false.


  • Improve Self Esteem- Last but not least, dental implants can work wonders to improve self-esteem. Missing teeth for any person can be embarrassing. No matter one has lost it during an accident, fight or for inadequate care, the loss can be tough to handle. Fortunately, dental implants will help in restoring the smile with ease. People can keep all their worries at bay. A dental implant is a durable and secure method to make a smile perfect. As it is permanent, there is no headache of making frequent visits to the dentist.

A dental implant is a highly recommended choice by dentists the world over as it is the healthiest for patients and essentially need no such lifestyle modifications. If you still have any doubts or queries concerning dental implants feel free to consult with a good dentist at the earliest. They will guide you in the best way possible.