Noom Diet – How an app makes your mind work for weight loss

Planned by Behavioral Psychologists, the Noom Diet Program targets your brain and works on a psychological level to help you think about what is helpful for your weight loss and fitness. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it tricks you into making changes in your eating habits and patterns. Because you believe healthy eating habits are beneficial to you, you are unlikely to return to your unhealthy habits. Another good thing about the Noom Diet is that this change doesn't happen overnight. It takes time to create habits that will keep you healthy, lean and fit for the long term.

Why the Noom Diet Works

The Noom Diet Plan Unlike many types of one-size-fits-all programs, it takes you as a unique person with unique eating habits and lifestyles, which is true. If available, you should answer a few questions about dietary habits, health conditions, and current medications. This program examines your current calorie and other nutritional needs, and provides a unique diet plan, taking into account the exact needs and goals of your fat loss.

4 Facts About the Novum or Millennium Diet

  • Its focus is on behavioral change

  • Uses advanced technology

  • Personal coaching for your unique health needs

  • Unique color-coded food lists make it easier to do

  • In-app pedometer

Color-based grocery list

Based on calorimetry and calorie analysis, the Novum grocery list is divided into three categories: green, yellow and red.

As you might have guessed, green foods are the ones that have the highest concentration of nutrients but have few calories. These are highly recommended for any Noom Dieter. In fact, this type of food is very nutritious for anyone in this diet or not.

Novom recommends 2 types of food

  • Nouveau Green Food

  • Yellow food

  • Red Noom Food

Is there a Noom recipe?

The Noom app does not provide specific recipes for weight loss. However, you have thousands of food options to make your own recipe until you recommend the calorie intake of your GS. This is also one of the reasons why Noom is so popular because there is no need to use specific Noom recipes. Once logged in, you'll start with the best choice to meet your needs and taste buds. The color coding system makes the food selection process easy and convenient.

Noom Trainer – Personal Trainer

As a Noom user, you will receive a Personal Trainer or Goal Specialist (GS) because they prefer to call it a. The app's messaging system lets you keep in touch with your instructor at least once a week. Your coach will help you determine the short-term goal and the long-term goal.

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