In another of our articles we diagram the perils of douching, and how this training can be unsafe when done in overabundance. For those of us who view ourselves as bottoms or adaptable, being continually aware of our lower half can feel like a battle, particularly when anticipated that would have the capacity to perform on sign. As solid, careful men who need to do our best to deal with our bodies, we are met with the problem of taking care of the demand to be spotless amid sex, and realizing that douching every day is most likely not an awesome wellbeing practice.

What would we be able to do? Are there any contrasting options to douching that are as powerful at keeping us clean amid butt-centric sex without harming our bodies?

Fiber supplements have been utilized for hundreds of years to enhance heart wellbeing, help with weight reduction efforts, and help individuals enhance their gut wellbeing by making “more full” defecations. Having a sound supply of fiber in one’s eating routine bunches together flotsam and jetsam in the stomach related tract, making for more total passes. Despite the fact that individuals have thought about the advantages of dietary fiber for hundreds of years, most don’t expend enough in their every day eating routine to get the medical advantages it offers. Furthermore, not all fiber supplements are made equivalent. Some offer included advantages like cell reinforcements and amino acids, while others simply offer single-type fiber alone.

Would we be able to depend on a fiber supplement to give the same steady tidiness results we see with douching? Is it conceivable to expel douching from the condition with a basic every day pill?

Enter: Pure for Men.


This dietary supplement isn’t too not quite the same as other high-review fiber items. Pure for Men is basically fiber cases that contain an ideal blend of exceptional sinewy materials that are intended to make defecations more minimized and “full.” in principle, this should result in a “reasonable runway” while bottoming, diminishing the probability of untidiness or mishaps. The container comes in jugs of 60 for $14.99, or 120 for $23.74, all accessible on Amazon Prime.



Like I mentioned over, this supplement isn’t vastly different from other standard fiber supplements. For instance, Carlson (sold at Walgreens) offers a fiber supplement item containing one of the dynamic stringy materials in Pure for Men called Psyllium for $16.99 per 300-pill bottle. Be that as it may, Pure for Men contains three sorts of fiber – Chia, Flaxseed, and Psyllium Husk. Therefore, men who take it get the additional advantage of devouring Chia seed subordinates, for example, cancer prevention agents, Omega-3 unsaturated fats, and lingans. The flaxseed subordinates contained in Pure for Men additionally give solid Omega-3 benefits, which are not constantly incorporated into most standard bland fiber supplements


This present item’s promoting focused on me through Facebook advertisements around the time it was first discharged, and their particular, fun brand voice caught my advantage. As a completely flexible gay, I was additionally lined up with the irritation and burden douching before bottoming caused. I was likewise completely mindful of the wellbeing concerns related with over the top douching, yet at the time I was not persuaded that my needs could be unraveled with a fiber supplement.

I was astounded at how rapidly a considerable lot of my companions received this item and purchased Pure for Men to give it a shot. My sweetheart was one of these early adopters, so normally I felt free to helped myself.


Pill Size: The real pills are somewhat huge, so in the event that you aren’t accustomed to taking day by day Truvada or different pills of tantamount size, this may take some becoming acclimated to. You are additionally expected to take them two times every day, and this can be difficult to recall or remain over, except if you are now familiar with taking pills routinely. This was simple for me to recall since I am on Truvada, so I would basically take two Pure for Men containers each morning. The guidelines don’t diagram while amid the day they ought to be taken, yet basically express that 2 or 3 ought to be devoured every day.

Smell/Taste: The containers don’t have a particular scent or taste, fortunately.

Bundling: The plan of the jug is somewhat charming, yet still holds a “manly” stylish – generally dark and dull blue. The guidelines advise clients to drink a lot of water when accepting the supplement as this helps the general stomach related process. I recommend considering that part important.

The main day I began taking the pills I felt more enlarged than typical, and did not go to the washroom at the recurrence I am utilized to. The dynamic fixings should solidify and help move along the things in your stomach related tract, anyway at first I just felt more full than expected. I was resolved to give it a chance to run its full course before choosing whether to proceed or not, so I chose to give it a couple of days and let my framework become acclimated to the new supplement I was putting into my body.

To be completely forthright without being excessively realistic or net, I had far less movements amid my initial two days taking the Pure for Men pills. I likewise had a waiting sentiment of “completion” that I was not used to at first, anyway this died down around the third day. Subsequent to fueling through the initial two long periods of taking the containers, my movements were all the more full and strong, abandoning me with a “vacant” feeling in the wake of heading off to the restroom, which I believe is the thing that the item is planned to do. All the more significantly, I felt normally cleaner down there when purging myself subsequent to setting off to the washroom, and I feel that is a side-effect of the movements being more solidified from the psyllium, chia, and flaxseed in the stomach related tract. This sentiment of being perfect and “got out” subsequent to heading off to the restroom was sufficient independent from anyone else for me to keep utilizing it, even without the reward of being normally prepared for bottoming.

Is it true that i was overcome enough to take a stab at bottoming without douching in the wake of beginning these pills? At first, no. Notwithstanding, when I proceeded to get out utilizing the customary douching strategy, I found that I was at that point totally spotless! I in the long run began abandoning douching through and through, and I found that Pure for Men was, all things considered, similarly as compelling as douching.

Be that as it may, with every single good thing throughout everyday life, there are admonitions. Here are a few things to remember when choosing to attempt Pure for Men.


It is a sensible and successful substitute for douching, yet just under the right “conditions”

Despite everything you can’t eat shitty, oily nourishments and anticipate that it will fill in as it would in the event that you were eating a spotless eating routine

Despite everything you should be aware of timing your movements

You should in any case clean yourself with cleanser and water in that general region as you ordinarily would

It has included medical advantages you get from the flaxseed and chia seed subordinates, for example, help with weight reduction, heart wellbeing, and cell reinforcements

It is path better for your rectal wellbeing

A 30-day supply is generally modest, at $14.99 for 60 cases (taken two times per day)


The sentiment of being surprisingly “full” amid the initial couple of long stretches of utilization can be abnormal to become acclimated to

You have to take it reliably for it to work

In the event that you are not effectively taking pills consistently, it may be hard for you to make sure to take them, which will diminish the probability that they will work

All things considered, I believe it’s entirely simple to state that there is no damage in experimenting with Pure for Men. It’s generally modest, useful for your stomach related framework, and reliably works. Simply ensure you are taking it consistently for it to be successful, and permit your body a couple of days to at first change in accordance with this new supplement you are bringing into your stomach related framework.


You can undoubtedly get them on Amazon, and they likewise meet all requirements for Prime transportation. You can likewise get them straightforwardly through their site, despite the fact that I recommend obtaining through Amazon to get speedier transportation.

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