Rhinoplasty in Delhi – Involve Expert Surgeons in Reshaping your Nose

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery for reshaping of the nose to make it appear pleasing. Many people want to give their face and personality a better look as they find their look a bit thick or asymmetrical. If someone had his or her nose damage due to an accident, rhinoplasty can correct the shape of the disfigured nose. Surgery options for rhinoplasty in Delhi are provided by expert surgeons who are well versed in the latest surgery techniques so that you get the best nose job done.

A rhinoplasty surgeon can correct bumps, indentations, and other defects. Such a surgery can bring back facial harmony and make life better for the patient. Some people have their nose defects by birth. The surgery can remove those defects. So, you can have the nose job in Delhi done for two reasons. It could be to achieve some cosmetic goals or the reason could be medical such as damages due to accidents.  The medical reasons may also include breathing problems related to the nose or its disfigurement.

Make the right decision

The patient should go for rhinoplasty after some considerations as this is a surgical process. There are some crucial factors to keep in mind before you proceed further.

First of all, make sure that when you go for rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi, you pick only a qualified surgeon. Then, discuss your cosmetic surgery goals with the surgeon. Let the surgeon know the precise reason for you going for the surgery.

Secondly, keep your surgery goals practical and not perfect. There is no perfect nose in the world we see around. A nose job can only improve your facial look to a certain extent. The surgeon will evaluate your nose structure to find out if your goals can be achieved or not. Your overall health factor will also be taken into consideration.

Thirdly, and lastly, the patient should also be aware of different techniques adopted for rhinoplasty in Delhi. The surgeon will guide you in picking the right surgery options.

The surgery process

Rhinoplasty surgery is generally an outpatient procedure. The surgeon puts the patient on a local or general anesthesia. In local anesthesia, the nose area is numbed by putting the patient under sedation. In general anesthesia, the patient is put to sleep for the whole duration of the operation.

To start with, the surgeon makes cuts within the nostrils. In some complex cases, the cuts are made across the nasal base. Then, the surgeon will reshapes cartilage and inner bone with the purpose of giving a pleasing look to the nose.


After rhinoplasty surgery is over, the patient is asked to wear a nasal splint for a few days, probably a week. Some swelling and bruising can be seen in the operated area and even around the eyes. But it will gradually come down from the third or fourth day after the surgery. The patient can feel some irritations for next two weeks but not more than that. The final shape of the nose will become more noticeable once the wounds are completely healed and swelling is gone.

But the patient is asked also to avoid any strenuous activity for next six weeks after the surgery. But   normal life activities can be resumed after only two to three weeks post-surgery.

When looking for rhinoplasty in Delhi, you have many expert surgeons and hospitals to your access. Make sure that you compare them extensively to find out competitive price packages for the surgery so that cost is under your control.