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Diet is actually a healthy program that can be performed by regular people in order to have a healthy body or a better athlete. Among the many diet programs, one of the most interesting that I highly recommend to most active people is the diet of athletes or you can call them the diet of soccer players. This interesting insight is almost a coincidence that I discovered while searching for news about my favorite football club Ac Milan, and in some interviews with the team physician and their chef I share good information about the athletes' diet.

Basically, athletes' diet is about maintaining the food that a particular athlete consumes daily, which can actually vary depending on what they do on a daily basis. For example, if an athlete plans to do more exercise, it is recommended to have more protein as part of their diet, after playing a game (for a football player, basketball player, etc.), so they should have more. Have. carbohydrate. Another example of what can be done about this diet is the consumption of some of these important meals such as pasta, vegetables, meat, fish and most importantly water.

Another good thing that people can also do in their daily diet is to pay attention to foods that are completely forbidden, such as fried foods, cream, butter, and heavy sauce meals. On it. . These types of foods should almost be taken into consideration, at least when they are preparing for a game or sporting activity because they are difficult to digest, so they are bad for their bodies.

Although this type of diet is specifically designed for athletes, you can do it for your daily routine, perhaps with a little adjustment here and there as you were very aware of all the foods and foods you use for your diet. It depends a lot on what you do and what you do. For this reason, it is recommended that you seek the help of experts in determining the specific foods you can eat daily, or you can do it yourself by visiting health sites, reading health books, the important thing is that you really need to Be aware of the amount. Calories are food, so you can list what you can and cannot eat.

Certainly these kinds of diets are easily done by most athletes because doctors have a nutritionist who oversees their every day meal, but with the proper knowledge of anyone including you can do so, Especially given the fact that these types of diets do. It provides many positive things for our body. The fact that we can exercise regularly, gain proper body weight, lose a lot of unnecessary fat, and live a healthier and more orderly life.

Here are some simple diet charts for exercise:

Consume 65% complex carbohydrates

Consume 10 to 15% fat

Consume 10% protein

In addition, taking health supplements such as vitamins and minerals is in accordance with the full dose of this course of consumption.

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