Science confirms that water helps to lose weight

One of the common recommendations offered by most diets and nutritionists over the years is the need for people who want to lose weight to make sure they drink at least eight glasses of water a day. This recommendation was assumed to help suppress appetite and also increase the body's metabolism.

However, most people are skeptical about the true effect of water on helping them lose weight because many believe weight loss can be simple and "cheap". For any doubts that Thomas may have, it is interesting to know that science has really proven that water is effective in helping people lose weight.

In fact, there are some scientific studies that have shown interesting patterns of food consumption based on their water composition. In one such study, individuals with high concentrations of water such as stew soup or the same solids prepared as a pot of water supplemented with food. Despite the fact that both groups were the same size as whole water and solids, people who consumed water in their food source consumed fewer calories.

Another related study found that eating low-energy foods (ie, foods that are more concentrated in water than calories) is a much more successful strategy for helping people lose weight than trying to limit their size. Low-energy foods have been found to consume satiety without limiting the amount of food they eat, while at the same time reducing their overall energy density and thus helping people lose weight.

Despite the fact that research studies have not been conclusive, it did show that foods high in water such as soup, stew, or salad are able to help people lose weight by providing satiety that helps reduce calorie intake. Slow.

However, during the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) held in Boston, the first results of a randomized controlled trial indicated that drinking water before any meal was able to help people lose weight. .

The study, conducted by Brenda Davy, Ph.D., from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, said that the results of the study showed that "increasing water consumption is an effective weight loss strategy." Dr. Davy and his team found at the end of their 12-week study that diets, which drink water three times daily before meals, were about 5 pounds more than those that did not increase water intake, Lost.

Dr. Davis noted: Prior to this study, there was no "gold standard" scientific evidence from a randomized, controlled clinical trial that found weight loss between diets that drink extra water before their meals and those who drank it. Not compared. At present, only popular cultures, anecdotal experiences and some previous research have shown that drinking more water can actually reduce weight.

The study, with 48 adults between 55 and 75 years and divided into two groups, consumed both low-calorie diets, but one group consumed two cups of water for 12 weeks each day before three meals. Duration of the study while the other group was not. At the end of the 12-week period, a group of people who drank water before their meals lost about 15.5 pounds, while a group who did not drink water lost about 11 pounds.

Dr. Davie concludes that the idea of ​​"water purification" may be because the water has zero calories and simply fills the stomach and provides less room for food. Therefore, the feeling of fullness makes one consume fewer calories.

The team also noted that regular water instead of sodium and other sugary drinks, which often contain calories, is more useful for those who want to use this water strategy as an adjunct to weight loss. Most of the additives in these drinks cause weight gain and so diets work better by trying to lose weight by drinking "pure" water or fresh fruit and vegetable juice.

Apart from the above scientific studies, there are several other cases which have shown that drinking water can actually help to lose weight if the food is replaced with water because of the feeling of hunger and thirst. This has been observed to help suppress appetite and prevent overeating.

But keep in mind that the amount of weight you can lose using this strategy depends on the amount of water you drink (so be sure to drink enough), how healthy your diet is, and the amount of exercise involved. .

The combination of drinking at least eight glasses of 8 ounces of plain water a day will help keep your body healthy, reduce hunger, and boost your overall metabolism.

Source by Marcus J Michael

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