SodaStream Syrup Alternatives

Sodastream is a fun to drink in any condition that gives you a variety of flavors. And most interestingly it’s own flavors can mix up and give us a lot of different flavors instantly. Though it does not carries calories and sweeteners naturally, but any type of sugar can be mixed with it to differentiate taste. In this content, we will briefly talk about 3 sodastream syrup alternatives and so on. Please stay with us in this writing for better understanding.

SodaStream Syrup Alternatives


Sodastream syrup:

First, we have to understand what is sodastream syrup actually. When any flavored syrup can be mixed up with a certain amount of soda steam then it is called soda steam syrup. For quality sodastream, best soda machine is used. Let’s check some sodastream syrup alternatives.

Top 3 SodaStream Syrup Alternatives

There are varieties of sodastream alternatives available in the market. From them, we pick the best 3 sodastream alternatives for you.

1. Torani:

Torani syrup

Torani is an American brand which is well-known for its sodastream syrup alternatives. They produce immense varieties of flavors. Most importantly they experiment with their flavors every year to make new flavors. Sugar-free alternative syrups are the most popular one.

Some Alternative Flavors of Torani syrups:

  • Lemonade
  • Strawberry
  • Sugar-Free Torani Hazelnut Syrup
  • Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup etc.

They also produce sodastream but it is a little bit costly. So it is better to just mix those syrups with your sodastream and enjoy any taste you want. Besides this, you can find a lot of recipes where you can use their syrups to make delicious drinks with sodastream. You can find their items in your nearby shops and e-commerce site.

2. Crystal Light

Crystal Light

Are you looking for a cheap sodastream alternative from a renowned brand? Then the brand Kraft owned Crystal light is the right product for you. They produce a range of different flavored syrup for your taste adventure.

The most important thing for Crystal Light is that they are well-known for low sugar, sugar-free and low calories syrup.

Their varieties of syrups alternative include-

  • Orange
  • Lemonade
  • Raspberry Ice Cherry Antioxidant
  • Strawberry
  • Punch

Actually, its low amount of calories attract the buyers from all over the world. Most interestingly you can eat those syrups or drinks normally but I suggest to mix your favorite one with your sodastream and enjoy your drink.



So at the end of this list, a surprise is waiting for you. We introduce another syrup alternatives from same mother company – Kraft for you. But in terms of product variations, Mio is more superior than Crystal Light.

It produces small portable bottles with liquid flavors. The best thing is that it is calorie free and very good for diabetes. It comes up with a different flavor such as-

  • MiO Lemon-Lime
  • MiO Orange Tangerine
  • Strawberry flavor
  • Cherry flavor
  • MiO Fit Berry Blast etc.

For the flavor lover, Mio is the best option. And it’s easy to carry option make it very popular. Travelers and mountaineers love to carry it always. Those syrups and juices are very tasty to drink with sodastream.

Final Verdict:

The popularity of sodastream alternatives is increasing day by day for its variety of uses. So we try to give you the best syrup alternatives. Hope you will like it. For now goodbye.

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