Staying young forever – Is that even a reality?

If we had the option, most of us would do away with old age! No one wants to lose their youth and the vitality that comes with it. But whenever the question of “staying young” pops up in your mind, it gets shrouded with several possibilities, debates, and controversies that most people don’t attempt it altogether. You must have wondered at those Facebook or Instagram posts of people in their mid 50’s, looking like 20’s something and wonder how it possible.


The truth is you can delay the aging process. And that indirectly means, prolong your youth. And there’s no one way to go about it. It’s a lifestyle choice that you need to make, which will show the results gradually. Some of the potent steps that you can follow are:


  1. Be willing to make a lifestyle shift

Anything good and long-lasting comes with a bit of practice and effort! So when you want to capitalize on, youth know that you have to say yes to a holistic routine that is not boring but is discipline oriented. Be willing to make the change.


  1. You might have to quit sugar consumption

Sugar is one of the core substances that accelerate the aging process! Sugar causes the skin to darken and also acts as a catalyst for the aging process. Also, excess sugar consumption affects our blood sugar levels and the immune system, which too can accelerate the aging process. You can start by avoiding artificial sugar and substitute it by a maple syrup or honey.  Also, it’s better to avoid sugary food and chocolates. Though, dark chocolate in a moderate fraction might help you to stay young and keep your heart healthy.


  1. Try out the collagen boosting products

Youth is most often associated with healthy and smooth skin, strong joints, stronger nails, and muscles. And all this happens because of a good supply of collagen in the body. With age collagen production reduces. But today you can have access to some of the best collagen powder that provides the best results with no side effects. You can opt-in for the same online on Amazon or any other portals after you have browsed through the best products. Purchase your product from a reputable brand after you’ve read the reviews.


  1. Increase your vegetable intake

Most dieticians and fashion entities who look like 20’s even in their late 40’s or early 50’s always suggest having a plant-based diet. Vegetables have a renewing quality and add to your body’s capacity to strengthen itself and also stay fresh and young for the longest time. So start by increasing your intake of spinach, avocados, kiwis, lettuce, kale and the like. Make a mixture of smoothies and salads to make your diet interesting.


  1. Always stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is an essential factor to keep young! Water flushes out all the toxins of the body and helps the body to balance its water retention. So always ensure that you are hydrated to enjoy a healthy body and smooth skin.


There are many other ways that you can incorporate to stay young! If you are planning to make a start, the guidelines mentioned above are good suggestions to follow. You can add other good practices too along the way.

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