Lifetime Factor by Dr. Joseph Maroon

In the 1930s, a scientist named Dr. Clive McKee discovered that he could make mice live a healthier, longer, and healthier diet by eating a healthy but low-calorie diet. The experiment has been repeated with many other animals – giving them 50% less calories (while keeping their nutrition high) than their control groups that eat as much as they like. Animals not only have healthier lives but are still alive. They have less disease and more energy. They continue to play, and they continue to play sex for a long…

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4 Natural Ways to Lose Weight by Dr. Amy Lee, Bariatric Physician

Dr. Amy Lee has a medical degree in Obstetrics, Physician and Obesity Medicine. The celebrity is helping him pay thousands of dollars for weight. The American Board of Internal Medicine, the NBPNS, and the American Obesity Medical Association have awarded Dr. Lee his work. A detailed summary of the film is listed below. Video Goal: Improve your digestion and process your food with maximum efficiency Three harmful nutrients to prevent: Yogurt – especially those that contain corn syrup, Beware of yogurt that has a probiotic claim, Don't buy baby yogurt…

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Oprah's Slimming Diet – Natural Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse by Dr. Perricone

In her popular television program, Oprah Winfrey, along with Dr. Prickson, emphasized the importance of Tutai Akai as a weight controller. It is supported by the large amount of antioxidants in the fruit. In fact, Opera has already included berries in its diet and its effects are known. It is a dietary supplement that can be used with other healthy ingredients. This weight manager got his healthy and powerful properties from the berry apricot pulp and fruit. Some of its nutrients are amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Mulberry acai also…

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