Noom Diet – How an app makes your mind work for weight loss

Planned by Behavioral Psychologists, the Noom Diet Program targets your brain and works on a psychological level to help you think about what is helpful for your weight loss and fitness. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it tricks you into making changes in your eating habits and patterns. Because you believe healthy eating habits are beneficial to you, you are unlikely to return to your unhealthy habits. Another good thing about the Noom Diet is that this change doesn't happen overnight. It takes time…

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Weight Loss Tips – 5 Ways to Deceive Your Mind on Less Consumption

Have you ever thought about how to lose some weight without losing or losing weight? Here are five weight loss tips to trick your mind into eating less without realizing it. 1. Drink half a glass of water before meals. It usually takes a few minutes (20 minutes) before the brain realizes that you have eaten enough because most people do not get enough time to eat their meals. By filling a portion of your stomach with water, your brain speeds up the message and you stop eating sooner. 2.…

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