Things to Consider While Choosing an Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are a great way to gains strength, lose weight and stay in shape. The benefits of using exercise bikes are many. In addition to losing weight and gaining strength, they offer you plenty of health benefits.

However, one needs to choose the right exercise bike according to their workout requirements and fitness goals. Some people want a bike for losing weight, some for gaining strength, while others want one to maintain their fitness.

All exercise machines and bikes are different and offer you different results. You need to consider many things like your fitness goals, fitness levels and the features while choosing a bike. Let us check some essential factors that you need to consider while buying an exercise bike for your home.

Type of workout

Exercise bikes are designed for specific workouts. Most bikes are designed for cardio and weight loss programmes. However, there are exercise bikes for strength training, HIIT and the event raining.  A bike designed for strength training may not be useful for weight loss. These bikes differ in the seat height, resistance levels and speed of cycling.

Cardio training

If you are looking for an exercise bike for cardio training, you need to buy a bike with hybrid seating position and enough resistance. Cardio training does not require a high resistance, but the seating should be a balance of comfort and endurance. The user should be able to perform the exercises with ease.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

An exercise bike for rehabilitation should have a comfortable seating position that can keep the lower back comfortable. A recumbent bike allows the user to exercise his/her lumbar region to reduce the lower back pains.

The resistance of the bike

The resistance level of the bike is one of the critical factors that users need to consider.  Most exercise bikes come equipped with magnetic resistance that users can change from the controls in the console. You can select a programme of your choice like sports training, weight loss or recovery.

Pedalling of the bike

Many factors contribute to the pedalling of the bike such as the weight of the flywheel, distribution of flywheel weight and the drive-train. A wheel weighing 3 kg would be comfortable for pedalling as compared to a wheel weighing 6 kg. Most bikes allow users to select the power and comfort levels according to their preference.

Seat Level and handlebars

The level of the seat should be adjustable as the height, and leg length of every user is different. You must adjust the seat level so that your leg is slightly curved when the pedal is at the lowest position. Moreover, the handlebar of the bike should also be adjustable that allows the user to move the legs comfortably. A too high or low level of the handlebar can put a strain in the arms and back of the user. The distance between the handlebar and the seat is also crucial for the comfort of the user.

Easiness of getting on and off

The ease to get on and off the bike is crucial especially for the users who want to use the machine for rehabilitation. The crossbar should not be difficult to climb for the user. Most bikes are easy to get on and off, but you need to check this if you are buying it for a user for recovery or rehabilitation.


The bike should not move or tilt left, right, forward or backward while you use it for exercise. It should stay firm in its position, and only the rotating parts should move. An unstable exercise bike may create imbalance and make you fall while exercising.

Therefore, you need to test the bike for stability before buying the same. Sit on the bike, set a comfortable resistance level and rotate the pedals with your legs. The bike should not vibrate or bend on any side while pedalling.

Moving the bike

Sometimes you need to move the bike in your house from one area to another. Moving the bike should be smooth and convenient without the need for the help of another person. The bikes in gyms are set at a fixed area, but in a home, you might need to move the bike for any reason.

User weight

The maximum user weight is also an essential factor to be considered before buying an exercise bike. Most exercise bikes Brisbane are designed to support the user weight up to 130 kg. Don’t buy a bike with a user weight support of less than 100 kg.

Final Words

The above points are a few factors to consider while choosing an exercise bike. Considering the type of workout programmes, fitness goals and features of the bike is essential while buying. Moreover, the stability and comfort level allows you to use the bike for longer durations without strain on your back or shoulders.


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