Top 20 Weight Loss Tips for Women Who Have Lose Weight Successfully

If you're looking for some inspiration for weight loss, why not check out some of the best tips for real women who have successfully lost weight? If they can do it, you can too! These tips can be useful to anyone, regardless of your weight loss!

1) Keep a food journal: This can really help take responsibility and prepare for some of the parts of the day where your cravings are most severe.

2) Start an online weight loss blog: This is one of the best tools to answer. You will find that you are not alone in trying to lose weight and that you will get great support.

3) Brush your teeth after each meal. Once you're done with a meal, make a commitment to brush your teeth. This will make the food taste out of the mouth and prevent you from coming back for a few seconds.

4) Gum. Chewing sugar-free chewing gum can make you hungry, but after a meal it can help brush your teeth the same way that food tastes out of your mouth.

5) Stay hydrated. This is one of the most popular weight loss tips, but staying at a loss helps prevent dehydration, which is sometimes associated with hunger.

6) Eat protein. Protein-containing meals are one of the best ways to stay full and satisfy your cravings. Meals that are based solely on sugar or simple carbohydrates make you crave less energy throughout the day.

7) Get ready. Take time out once a week to plan meals for the week ahead. Take some time each night to prepare meals for the next day. Take a look at your schedule and use your solutions before lunch and dinner, this is a game plan for you.

8) Stop the diet. I know this may sound confusing, but it's been a while since you started dieting just Monday morning to pack your face with cake at 3pm when you start limiting what you We can eat, it just makes us want to eat more. Don't limit what you eat as much as you eat.

9) Self Talking. Sometimes we suffer from fatigue, depression or stress. Be prepared for these events and find ways to beat the mindless food. If you find you are not hungry, looking for a roof or refrigerator, be sure to put small notes in these areas to let you know that "this too must pass".

10) Keep the lists. A list of all the things you can do instead of eating mindlessly. Instead of taking out a chip bag and camping in front of the TV, make a list of 20-50 things you could do instead.

11) Visualization. Imagine how you would feel about achieving your weight loss goal. Note how good you feel and start feeling right now. Pretend your goal is right around the corner.

12) Vegetable seeds. Remind yourself that whatever you want to accomplish for a month from now, you must work every day until then. If you wait for tomorrow's change, that day may never come.

13) Bonus. Make a commitment with your spouse or close friend to keep what you really want to be accountable for until you reach your goal.

14) Dessert. Eating dessert for the occasion keeps you from getting tired of despair all at once. Find ways to make your favorite desserts in single portions or promise yourself a really good dessert a week.

15) Move on. Going to the gym can be daunting, but finding ways to burn calories while doing something you love can be the best way to lose weight. Dance in your living room with your favorite songs, hit the boxing class, or choose a sport you've never tried.

16) Get friendly. Find a friend to answer to. It is best to find a responsible friend who encourages success rather than finding the pleasure of being "bad" together. Choose your fitness buddies wisely.

17) Eat less. This is a mindless person, but next time you're in a restaurant and wanting to order your favorite customer, go ahead. However, eat a salad before your meal and look at your plate for a minute or two before you start eating. Divide your food and push the rest toward it. Ask for a go-to box for the rest of your meals, or cover the rest with your napkin to signal to your brain that you're finished eating again. Drink plenty of water when eating.

18) Stay in the area without damage. If you like to cook desserts, keep the sugar and its ingredients out of the house or hide it for special occasions. Keep your home clean from stimulant foods.

19) Weighing. Weighing in can often get us out of control. Weight gain as well as weight loss makes us want to enjoy our favorite comfort foods. Keep the scale secret and limit the weights once a week or once every two weeks.

20) Believe in yourself. Even if you've lost weight in the past, or relinquished your goals in countless pasts, you know that it's all up to you to take control. You can lose weight!

Source by Lucinda H. Becks

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