How Travelling can be your Savior from Constant Stress

The start of another tiring weekday routine: We all groan (if not loudly) as the weekday begins. This is due to the work stress that we will go through, as we meet deadlines, stay up late at night due to work and shoulder more responsibilities. As the weekend approaches, we eagerly wait and make plans to party all night almost, the very first weekend evening. The next two days we stay up late and this time out of sheer excitement of being with friends, eating out, watching movies, shopping and more. Not all of us, though. Some of us are still working on weekends, dreaming of that big promotion or doing household work like cleaning the bed sheets, changing linens, vacuum cleaning the rooms and helping other family members.

The result? As the weekend ends, we are all exhausted and feel sad and frustrated that another wonderful weekend, another opportunity went to waste. And thus begins another weekday blues. However, this can be taken care of. We can relax ourselves with a weekend getaway to somewhere close to mountains or where we can hear the sound of waves and fall asleep.

Travelling can be that perfect way to deal with your stress and anxiety issues

Travelling keeps you away from matters that will worry and take a toll on your physical and mental health. While we should always face problems and deal with them, sometimes it is best to get away from them for a while, relax your mind and then fix the issues with a rejuvenated mind. As you decide on a weekend for being somewhere, you start to plan. People feel better even when they start to think of plans or matters that are enjoyable or will be relaxing for them. When you start to dream about the place or the hotel room that you have booked with the imagination of a clean room (which you don’t need to clean), soft pillows, a balcony overlooking the sea, no workplace nagging or politics to irritate you, you have already started to feel better and have energy somewhat restored.

Following are some ways in which travel can be the best solution for stress:

  • You get plenty of fresh air: If you choose a place surrounded by the abundance of nature, you will definitely get a lot of fresh air. This means increase in the flow of oxygen and together with sunshine, it will reduce depression.
  • You can take part in activities: When you are on a vacation, you plan to go for trekking, long drives, swimming or simply take a walk down the beach. These activities or simple things make you happy and reduce the levels of stress.
  • No schedules to follow: You are free to wake up any time you want to and you can sleep even for ten hours without worrying about work. The very thought or realization of this can make one happy and be excited for a vacation.

Medicines to relieve stress

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