Ultimate Treatment For Bed Bugs In Your Hair

Bed bug (Cimex lectularius) is the most unexpected insect in our home. It lives with humans and sucks the blood from their body to feed itself. But this causes great problems on the host’s body. Rashes, itches, dark spots etc. become visible when this nasty insect bites. The nights become sleepless when they are found even in our hair. Bedbugs damage the hair and the scalp of our heads. So, we must move forward to the treatment for bed bugs in our hair.

Treatment for Bed Bugs

Symptoms of bed bugs in hair

Usually, bed bugs don’t attack in the daylight. They come out at night from the hideout and perform their objects. There rises a question, “Can bed bugs get in our hair?” This is absolutely true that we can have them in our hair. These bed bugs can come into hair while you are spending time in an infested hotel room, on train, bus etc. You may have itchy welts on your scalp. Bloodshed can be found on the bed or the pillow. Dark spots, bloody stains etc. are scattered on the bed sheets, sofa while bed bugs start to living in the area. You may smell the musty odor from your hair or from the bed when you get the bed bugs.

When you get these symptoms of the presence of bedbugs, you should treat them faster. It is because if you do late, your life will full of sufferings. Let’s check the necessary treatment for bed bugs in your hair.

Treatment For Bed Bugs

I can divide the treatment into two parts: pre-treatment and post-treatment.

Pre-treatment regards to the primary treatment of bed bugs infestation in your hair. This means finding the symptoms and treating them smartly. You need to clean the bedsheets, sofa, cushions etc. properly. Allow the sunlight and air entering your home. Use bed bugs killer medicines to kill them all.

But after all of the pre-treatment, what shall you do? This is what I am calling the post-treatment. You can’t catch them with your own hand from the hair. There are lots of ways to treat the bed bugs in your hair. The first thing you need to do is applying head lice shampoo. Wet your hair to apply the shampoo and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and wash your hair with warm water.

Now comb your hair with a special nit comb. The comb will bring the dead cells of the bed bugs from the hair. You can also use hair conditioner to regain the beauty and health of hair.

Cedar oil, magnetique hair growth is very helpful to kill the nymphs from your hair. Add cedar oil products to your daily bathing items. Tea tree essential, coconut oil etc. also have been effective to some extents. You can apply the essential oil on your scalp and wash with shampoo after one hour. Repeat the same process daily for a better relief.


Avoid using the same bed sheets, pillow covers etc. for days after days. Try to clean them weekly or bi-weekly for bugs-free life. Washing hair on a regular basis brings a great result. If the infestation is serious in your hair, try to consult a good dermatologist.

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