Weight loss exercises for women

Of the two sexes – female and male – women definitely got the wood short when the weight dropped. Women lose weight faster than men because they have a slower metabolism and tend to store more fat. I know, I know, it's unfair. A man can wolf the wolves during the game and then do a b-top pickup and be good, but a woman eats a pastry with extra cream cheese and no matter what she does, It swells.

I am a bit exaggerated, but really, women tend to be very frustrated with men losing weight. This is because weight loss is harder for women. Luckily for the fair sex, there are weight loss exercises for women that really work and can help any woman to eliminate unwanted weight.

Exercise # 1: Jogging

Your average woman doesn't have 5-6 miles a day. Fortunately, this is not really needed for weight loss. The best way to shed pounds is to activate as much as possible and that means running. Jogging is a type of less intense running that can be done three times a week for 30 minutes at a time – and still works.

For those new moms out there, jogging is a good step (and I say even better).

Exercise # 2: Spinning

I know that many pilates find it a rough exercise. However, Pilates is a good way to activate and enhance cardiovascular and metabolic function. This is basically cycling without going anywhere. There are spinning classes that provide motivation and discipline (and many gentlemen seem not to lose at all) in addition to the social connection that many women lose with exercise.

Exercise # 3: Weight Training

It's more of a sport than any sport, but it's still important. Did you know that muscle has more energy per day to maintain and function than fat? It looks very sensitive, right? Well, that means muscle building can also help you lose weight, not just make you stronger. Of course, few women want to go in bulk, but fortunately, almost every woman can add some muscle, it looks better, it slows down faster and it still doesn't seem to Spend your time eating raw beef and living in the gym.

Exercise # 4: Kickboxing

Usually these are the men who are filming and destroying bad things. But women can do it too (well, minus the parts they've been blown away by). Kickboxing is a great way to increase your cardiovascular health because it increases aerobic capacity as well as strains your muscles. Plus, it's fun – and it's incredible for women.

I recommend signing up for the class and having a friend or two to travel with. Just don't beat them.

Source by Yuri Elkaim

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