Weight Loss Tips – 5 Ways to Deceive Your Mind on Less Consumption

Have you ever thought about how to lose some weight without losing or losing weight? Here are five weight loss tips to trick your mind into eating less without realizing it.

1. Drink half a glass of water before meals.

It usually takes a few minutes (20 minutes) before the brain realizes that you have eaten enough because most people do not get enough time to eat their meals. By filling a portion of your stomach with water, your brain speeds up the message and you stop eating sooner.

2. Eat fewer meals throughout the day instead of just 3 large meals.

Doing this will help you negotiate the dangerous areas during the day that you may have failed in your weight loss efforts. That is, you prevent the onslaught of dreaded snacks in the afternoon. Instead, make snacks a part of your day and plan for them with nutrients in hand to take with you.

3. Gain control of your size using a smaller plate when eating.

Try this experiment: Take one large plate and one smaller plate and fill each one with the exact same amount of food. Since the large plate looks "empty", we tend to load more food on it to make it look "full". The smaller plate, because of its size, now looks full and we are unconsciously satisfied with the amount of food. This is a completely irrational decision-making process, and using a small plate for your meals can cut extra calories without feeling deprived!

4- Keep a food diary.

By keeping a detailed record of what you eat, you quickly identify the culprits that exist between you and your weight loss success. Replace targeted alternatives with healthier options by eliminating high calories / high fat in your diet. These replacements may be trivial on the surface but can make a big difference. For example, by checking your diary you will find that you drink three cups of coffee a day and use three tablespoons of sugar per cup. Without a track record, you may even notice how many calories you consume each day. By switching to an alternative sweetener you can eliminate those calories from sugar and you will never know the difference.

5. Reduce Calories on Fountain Drinks.

If you absolutely can't get over the taste of diet drinks, cut the minimum calorie intake of regular drinks (a 32-ounce mercury holds about 400 calories). Sure, make a large cup, but first fill it with ice. You can burn half of your calories!

As you can see, there are easy ways to trick yourself into eating less. With these tactics you can even gain pundits without even trying! And most importantly, you won't feel deprived because these weight loss tips will fool you!

Source by Ralf Tabel

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