What are the Regeneslim Weight Loss Pill Compounds?

It is important to use a therapeutic supplement to reduce cravings and increase fullness after a meal. You just need to research what these products are capable of doing, or exactly how they work in your body. In order to lose weight, manufacturers in the region have developed many formulas that control the metabolic process. It doesn't matter what supplements you decide on, as long as the product contains the right ingredients and does not endanger your health. In this article, some of the ingredients that are effective in combating those who hate overweight are very effective. Two of these amazing ingredients are ChromeMate and Super Citrimax, both of which work together to boost metabolism and slim down the body.


ChromeMate is an oxygen-based supplement made entirely of polyquinotate (niacin) and chromium. The main active ingredient in this formula is Chrome. In addition … it is considered as the largest body form of niacin-chromium available. Niacin Chromium is a vital mineral that is found to be 18 times more efficient than other chromiums. Its main function is to regulate blood sugar levels, to be able to metabolize fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the fuel for the whole body.

Scientific studies have proven that niacin chromium is composed of 16 minerals that boost energy, lower blood pressure, lower body weight, lower cholesterol levels and promote proper insulin function by accelerating the metabolic process and behaving as a food cravings suppressor. it helps.

When you use ChromeMate, you will find that no specific exercise or nutritional programs are followed. ChromeMate encourages the natural energy of metabolic processes and keeps blood insulin levels at full capacity. It also controls an anti-aging factor by controlling blood sugar levels to reduce the cellular process of aging.

Super Citrimax

Super Citrimax, known from subtropical fruits in South Asia, is known as Garcinia Cambogia, a yellow fruit known as pumpkin. Most commonly referred to as Brindleberry or Gambooge. Constipation, delayed menstruation, edema or intestinal parasites had a cure for this plant, especially in traditional Indian medicine. It has also been used as a very popular Indian seasoning, especially because it has an amazing ability to break down fat and appetite. To be easily absorbed and absorbed by the human body, Brindleberry fruit is formulated in a calcium / potassium bond and hydroxy citric acid (HCA). The solubility of such a formula, developed in carefully controlled laboratories, is good for our bodies. Super Citrimax is one of the purest, most effective and potent form of calcium / potassium and HCA.

The effects of this formula include: Preventing the activity of an enzyme that converts carbohydrates into bad cholesterol and fat, destroys food cravings, increases healthy levels of serotonin, increases good cholesterol levels. All of the benefits of this substance do not make the central nervous system too dependent or irritating.

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