Why AHCC Is an Important Supplement

When confronted with immune challenges, a lot of people are more than willing to try either complementary or alternative therapies. There are so many choices available on the market that it can be tricky to opt for one that’s suitable for your unique needs.

AHCC is a nutritional supplement extracted from the mycelia of Japanese mushrooms and it seems to be effective in treating a number of health conditions and providing relief to patients. This readily-available compound is said to offer your immune system a well-deserved boost.

Why Is AHCC an Important Supplement?

There were several preclinical studies that have shown the effects of the AHCC supplement on the human body. One of those research projects was held by the Health Science Center, at the University of Texas.

This mushroom extract appears to eradicate HPV, a virus that many women deal with. It seems that this compound has successful outcomes due to the fact that it contributes to an immune boost which further leads to an increased number of white cells in the body. As many people know, white cells are in charge of healing an organism and protecting it from any disease.

The director of the research team said that the results of their study are encouraging and they show that AHCC has promising potential in the role of complementary or standalone treatment.

This patented medicinal mushroom extract is quite unique and, all over Japan, it is considered a superfood.

Do AHCC Supplements Boost Immunity?

The AHCC supplement could be considered a type of immunotherapy. Other studies have shown that this substance does a great job of increasing the number of cytokines and dendritic cells as well as their activity levels. These particular cells fight against infections and they even inhibit tumor growth.

When Should You Take AHCC?

Normally, AHCC supplements are marketed in the form of capsules. For an overall state of wellbeing, it is advisable to take around 2 capsules per day. The dosage varies between 500 mg and 6 g per day based on the type of problem you want to solve and how serious that health issue is.

Apparently, this immunomodulatory agent has shown positive effects when it was used as a cancer treatment adjuvant. It also seems to work for patients who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease. The AHCC supplement could even play the role of a hepatoprotective agent.

So far, the majority of those who participated in clinical trials have tolerated AHCC pretty well. In other words, it seems that this supplement is safe to take and possible adverse effects are minimal and rare.

How It All Started

The AHCC supplement was developed by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, at Tokyo University, in 1987. At first, it was created to regulate high blood pressure. Nowadays, this compound is mostly known and popular due to its immunostimulant potential.

Later on, AHCC started to be the subject of research in several countries such as the United States, Korea, Thailand, and China. It is highly popular as a nutritional supplement in both the US and Japan.

It appears that AHCC showed promising results in patients with a wide range of illnesses like cancer, HPV, hypertension, hepatitis C, HIV, and other autoimmune diseases. It could even be good in treating gum disease, wounds, parasites, stomach ulcers, multiple sclerosis, and fatigue syndrome.

What Experts Say Today about AHCC

According to the available literature that we have today, AHCC has consistent effects when it comes to boosting one’s immunity and increasing the NK cell population as well as their activity. These cells are a type of lymphocytes that act against tumor cells.

AHCC contains ß-glucans and this substance can activate the organism’s immunity.

The fact that mushrooms have been an important part of traditional medicine for a lot of years comes as no surprise. Different mushroom extracts are nowadays consumed as health or dietary supplements. AHCC is one of those extracts that appear to positively influence the body’s immune response to infections and other inflammatory health conditions.

The standardized AHCC supplement contains many essential nutrients and natural ingredients such as amino acids, minerals, and oligosaccharides. Its manufacturing process involves three main steps:

  • Mycelia separation;
  • Sterilization;
  1.  Freeze-drying.

Dried AHCC is comprised of over 70% oligosaccharides.

Why Is AHCC an Important Health Supplement? – Final Thoughts

Naturally, nobody likes to get ill. Whether you’re dealing with the flu or an infection, feeling sick is always uncomfortable. People who get sick all the time could have low immunity. Our immune system is essential when it comes to the power our bodies have to protect us from potentially-harmful elements such as viruses and bacteria.

If your immune system might be compromised, you should definitely consider an immunity booster like AHCC which prevents your organism from becoming vulnerable to germs and other health problems.